10000 Wala Garland! Gowsalya Fireworks- Powerful Execution or Not?

10000 Wala Garland from Gowsalya Fireworks!!!

Gowsalya Power 10000 Wala!!!

Powerful or Ineffectual???

10000 Wala has played a vital role in the grand celebrations of the Diwali festival every year. Without 10000 Wala garland, there is an insufficient feel of bursting crackers and relishing during Diwali.

We have purchased 10000 Wala from Gowsalya Fireworks. As the name indicates ” Gowsalya Power 10000 Wala“, we have reviewed in detail whether this 10000 Wala has justified its performance in a powerful manner or not according to its name.

Gowsalya Power 10000 Wala Garland

10000 Wala From Gowsalya Fireworks Detailed Review

1. Packing:

Let us start the review with the packing method of Gowsalya Fireworks 10000 Wala Garland

10000 Wala Garland from Gowsalya Fireworks Packing: Was the Packing Good or Not?

The first Impression is the Best Impression!!!

The packing of this 10000 Wala garland was excellent. Though the parcel we received was transported from a huge distance, the professional way of packing helped maintain the crackers safe inside the box without any small damage.

The professional and safe way of packing this 10000 wala deserves a special appreciation.

10000 Wala Garland from Gowsalya Fireworks

2. Size:

The size of this 10000 Wala seems to be small compared to other brands of 10000 Wala in the market after opening the box as shown in the below image;

Gowsalya 10000 Wala Garland opening from Box

After rolling we get to know the exact size of this 10000 wala as shown in the below image:

After seeing the above image it is clear that the length of this 10000 Wala Garland from Gausalya fireworks is very small after being placed on the ground and extended. In the market, many other competitive brands have come up with a greater length of 10000 Wala compared to this brand.

Also, the reason for its smaller size may be due to the 50 percent discount on its market price which offers a less price range compared to other premium brands in the market.

The Lar is very loose and comes out easily while spreading it on an open surface as shown in the image below which is one of the disadvantages of this 10000 wala garland. It is shown in a more detailed manner in the bursting video which will be discussed further.

Gowsalya 10000 Wala Bursting : Disadvantages

3. Performance:

Gausalya Power 10000 Wala justifies its name as its performance is very much powerful. All the shots have performed consistently well.

It would have been much better if the shots count and the time duration could have been more. Probably, for a less price range, the time duration and the shots count could have been less.

Hereby, it is a suggestion from OSRVIEWSS that even if the price range is increased by extending the shots’ performance duration, still it would be worth spending the extra amount of money to enjoy its performance and have a full-fledged celebration feel during Diwali.

Though this 10000 Wala has performed very well, still it does not gives the full-fledged and satisfying feel of bursting a 10000 wala garland.

But, at the same time, its powerful performance compensates for the less bursting duration thereby giving an enjoyable feel of bursting a 3000 wala firecracker.

People who want to purchase 10000 Wala firecrackers for the best budget-friendly range with a short duration time can prefer Gowsalya Power 10000 Wala Garland.

Gowsalya 10000 Wala Bursting
Gowsalya 10000 Wala Bursting

4. Sound Output:

The sound output of this 10000 Wala is incredible which compensates for the missing feeling of bursting a 10000 wala cracker.

10000 wala

10000 Wala From Gowsalya Fireworks Bursting Video

Here is the bursting video of 10000 Wala crackers from Gowsalya Fireworks before watching this video it is recommended to read the above-discussed review in detail for understanding the performance of these 10000 wala in detail.

It is a sincere request to all our viewers to watch the below video to know the performance and have precise knowledge before purchasing 10000 wala from this brand:

10000 Wala Bursting Cautions to be followed:

  1. Before bursting, ensure to place this 10000 wala in a safe place such as on an even road surface.
  2. Proper space must be maintained to ensure the safety of the nearby people and also for the 10000 wala to perform properly.
  3. Avoid bursting 10000 wala in places surrounded by people living in huts or nearby car parking spaces.
  4. An open space or vast area of ground with an even surface is the best suitable and also the only advisable option to burst these kinds of 10000 wala crackers.
  5. It is advisable to burst 10000 wala far away from vehicles.
  6. One should maintain a safe distance while lightening the 10000 Wala firecrackers by keenly observing the sparks and moving away immediately before the multi-sky shot is set to launch.
  7. Children should not be entertained to burst or even stand near 10000 wala crackers during bursting.
10000 wala safety measures

Additional Cautions and Important Suggestions to be followed while bursting 10000 Wala Crackers:

While bursting any type of cracker a fire extinguisher provides safety to people surrounding nearby. Especially, while bursting a powerful 10000 wala crackers, it is advisable to place this type of fire extinguisher nearby as shown below.

Here are the following cautions to be taken and important suggestions to be followed while bursting multi-sky shots:

  1. Based on our personal experience, OSRVIEWSS suggests people use a fire extinguisher (shown in the below image) that costs below thousand rupees, and people who buy 10000 wala crackers in bulk quantities are enough rich to afford a fire extinguisher to ensure their safety as well as safety of their family members while bursting crackers.
  2. As discussed above, we suggest people purchase a Fire extinguisher as it is a one-time investment and it is a matter of thousands only but secures the safety of you & your family members while bursting crackers and is also useful in other situations.
  3. The Fire extinguisher has a refilling which costs around three hundred rupees, so people who can afford for them OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest the best safety methods possible.
  4. Apart from these cautions, OSRVIEWSS suggests a few important cautions for people while bursting multi-color sky shots which will be discussed further in detail.
  5. As 10000 Wala is very much explosive, it is important to consider the safety of people surrounded nearby and ensure bursting at a safe place by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby.
  6. Apart from Diwali celebrations, this type of fire extinguisher guarantees safety and protects people from any harmful situations.

As many people spend a huge amount of money on crackers to enjoy the Diwali festival with their family, it is a bit of sincere advice from OSRVIEWSS to spend a little amount of money to purchase a fire extinguisher to ensure the safety of one’s family and surroundings.

Fire Extinguisher

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