120 shots Multi color Jeya’s THOR! Sivakasi Fancy Crackers! Excellent Multi Shots!




Jeya’s Brand from Sivakasi is one of the most trustable fireworks brands. For an average price range, we get an excellent output from Jeya’s Fireworks.

Previously, we have reviewed in detail 60 Multi-Color Shots from Jeya’s Brand, and based upon our viewers’ request we have come up with a detailed review of 120 Multi-Color Sky Shots from the same brand.

We have checked the display of these 120 shots of Multi-color Jeya’s THOR and will be reviewing them in detail below…

120 shots Multi color Jeya's THOR
Jeya's Thor 120 Multi-Color Shots

120 shots Multi color Jeya’s THOR: DETAILED REVIEW !!!

These days sky shots have become a must for Diwali celebrations as well as for other festivals, birthday parties, weddings, etc…

Many multi sky shots have entertained people’s celebrations on important occasions. But the question occurs :

1. Which is the best brand in Sky Shots?

2. Where to Purchase these most promising brands in the market?

3. In which Brand do we get sky shots at a reasonable price with excellent output and different visual combinations?

In the market, there are plenty of brands available and with the increasing demand for crackers many new companies have come up. These days, we can observe a huge price hike in premium brands but sometimes the result was a flop show as all 120 shots do not perform well.

For the huge amount of money we invest in crackers are we getting a fully satisfying feel with the proper output of the firecrackers?

It is an accepted fact that in our routine busy schedule, it is not possible to search each and every shop to select the best quality brand firecrackers. So, OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest to people the best quality firecrackers brand and reveal the hidden gems to boost up their Diwali celebration based upon our experience.

You can purchase these 120 shots from Jeya’s brand if our viewers find this review very much helpful and can keep it as important guidance while purchasing firecrackers.

This brand is not available everywhere and can be found in some shops located in Sivakasi that too in some shops such as “Oru Sol Pattasu Kadai” in the same locality.

People residing in Sivakasi can contact the concerned shop owner and can purchase different varieties from this brand at a reasonable price.

120 shots Multi color Jeya’s THOR Detailed Bursting Video:

120 shots Multi color Jeya’s THOR PERFORMANCE:

This Diwali 2022, we tried Thor 120 Shots from Jeya’s brand as shown in the above video and the performance was exceptional as all 120 shots gave a different output.

Our viewers should feel worthy of their money spent on crackers and we hope that even others too feel the same after watching the above video.

For the best budget-friendly 120 multi-color sky shots, that can be afforded by everyone to double their happiness during Diwali celebrations. OSRVIEWSS recommends people as a must-try sky shot from this brand.

Pocket-Friendly SKY SHOTS!!!



This kind of 120 shots is very much powerful and it is important to follow certain precautions mentioned below.

During the Diwali festival as well as other events, we burst sky shots for our happiness and to experience the best visuals. But at the same time, it is mandatory to follow certain precautions while bursting multi-sky shots and it is a responsibility to ensure our safety and also maintain our enjoyment mode.

Here are a few cautions and suggestions to be followed while bursting Multi sky shots:

  1. Before bursting, ensure to place the Multi- Color sky shot in a safe place such as on an even road surface (shown in the below image).
  2. Proper space must be maintained to ensure the safety of the nearby people and also for the multi-sky shots to perform properly.
  3. Avoid bursting multi-sky shots in places surrounded by people living in huts.
  4. An open space or vast area of ground with an even surface is the best suitable and also the only advisable option to burst these kinds of sky shots.
  5. One should maintain a safe distance while lightening the multi-sky shot by keenly observing the sparks and moving away immediately before the multi-sky shot is set to launch.
Multi Sky Shot Bursting Precautions 1
Multi Sky Shot Bursting Precautions while bursting

Multi Sky Shots: Children’s Caution to be followed by Parents and Elders in Family

Few parents/ elders are allowing their children to burst these types of multi-sky shots individually which is not at all acceptable. These sky shots are very much effective and should be burst with proper care.

So, here are the following cautions to be taken while children are bursting sky shots:

  1. Parents or elders of a family must stay nearby their children while they are bursting sky shots. They should hold their children’s hands while bursting.
  2. Ensure that children and other members of the family are standing at a safe distance away from the sky shot and also to experience the best view.
  3. It is advisable that one person in your family who is an expert and knows the safest way to handle a sky shot should be the one who is going to burst the sky shot. The other family members can stand or sit at a safe distance to experience the visual treat while it is launched into the sky and bursts.
  4. This kind of multi-sky shot should be burst at an open place.

Additional Cautions and Important Suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

While bursting any type of cracker, it is advisable to place this type of fire extinguisher nearby as shown below.

Here are the following cautions to be taken and important suggestions to be followed while bursting multi-sky shots:

  1. Based on our personal experience, OSRVIEWSS suggests people use a fire extinguisher (shown in the below image) that costs below thousand rupees, and people who buy multi sky shots in bulk quantities are enough rich to afford a fire extinguisher to ensure their safety as well as safety of their family members while bursting crackers.
  2. As discussed above, we suggest people purchase a Fire extinguisher as it is a one-time investment and it is a matter of thousands only but secures the safety of you & your family members while bursting crackers and is also useful in other situations.
  3. The Fire extinguisher has a refilling which costs around three hundred rupees, so people who can afford for them OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest the best safety methods possible.
  4. Apart from these cautions, OSRVIEWSS suggests a few important cautions for people while bursting multi-color sky shots which will be discussed further in detail.
Fire Extinguisher


If in case, in the multi-sky shots don’t perform properly, it is advised not to throw away or neglect the sky shots assuming it to be finished as there are chances of misfiring if dumped near explosive things.

Also, there are chances where the waste collectors dump and burn the entire garbage in the process of cleaning the roads and these sky shots tend to misfire which has happened in many places in recent times.

So, it is cautioned to all our viewers that if the sky shot doesn’t perform properly or concluded with an incomplete performance, it is instructed to pour a bucket of water on the sky shot until it gets completely wet under water before disposing of it directly.

By following these above cautions, it will be helpful for many people as well as their family and friends to celebrate the festival in a safe manner.

We are bursting crackers for our entertainment and this entertainment should be within the enjoyment range by ensuring not being harmful to other lives as well.

So, it is a humble suggestion from OSRVIEWSS that if there is an incomplete or poor performance of Sky shots and Multi Sky Shots, the best safety measures to be implemented immediately is to pour a bucket of water as discussed above.

OSRVIEWSS To our Viewers: An Important Message!!!

The main intention of OSRVIEWSS is to suggest good quality products to many people as well as share the best knowledge we gather based on our personal experience which will be useful to our viewers throughout their life.

Also, it is recommended to SHARE the above-discussed important precautions with your family members, friends, and well-wishers to ensure the safe celebration of the festival which is the primary responsibility of OSRVIEWSS.

Hope you all watched and enjoyed this above video. OSRVIEWSS will be sharing more interesting Diwali Firecrackers videos and other reviews in the upcoming days by providing a detailed explanation in  OSRVIEWSS ARTICLES

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