Best Ethernet Cable from Amazon along with speed test proof!

We would like to share the exquisiting experience that we had come across on purchasing the best Ethernet Cable. This would pave a good opportunity to many people whoever is in need of better choice for an Ethernet Cable of astounding performance. We purchased an Ethernet cable to utilize it for our Smart TV Connection.

Best Ethernet Cable from Amazon
Best Ethernet Cable from Amazon : RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cable from Amazon : RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable

General use of Ethernet Cable :- 

Ethernet Cables are usually used for Computers and Laptops . As Smart TV usage has come into existence those cables satisfies the requirement of Smart TVs as well.

An Ethernet Cable – What does it mean?

An Ethernet cable carries the broadband signals between modem, router, computer and other wired internet-capable devices. It is a network cable that connects devices by means of wired network connection.

For Local Area Networks (LANs), in order to connect devices via computers, routers, switches and modems to the internet.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi are two different ways to connect a computer to home network and internet service since many home routers enable the internet connection using either method.

Ethernet involves the usage of physical cables and could provide faster speed with less interference containing better security too.

Amazon Basics Ethernet Cable: RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable
RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable from Amazon

Types of Ethernet Cable

               Depending on speed and performance, Ethernet cables are of different types as mentioned below:

  • Category 5 (Cat 5)
  • Category 6 (Cat 6)
  • Category 7 (Cat 7)

      Ethernet cables excel in performance along with reliability and security, hence used in places where there is unavailability of wireless network.

Best Ethernet Cable from Amazon: A Detailed Video To Be Watched

Before proceeding further with this review, it is advisable to watch the video completely. This video provides a detailed explanation of the RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable, along with its functionality proof through a speed test performed.

Best Ethernet cable from Amazon : Important factors to be Considered :-

Under the Brand named “Amazon Basics”, a few important criteria shall be noticed while purchasing RJ45 Cat5e Ethernet Cable..

1. Price:

The actual Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of this Ethernet Cable is Rs 1,225. The wonder was the huge discount offered by Amazon for a price of just Rs 649. Please note that Price may fluctuate comparing to the time when we made our purchase. In the case of Cat5e Ethernet cable version, this price after discount was OfCourse very much reasonable.

2. Variation:

Before purchasing this RJCat5e Version Ethernet cable, we were using Cat5.

The price of RJCat5e was slightly higher than Cat5, the reason because of its salient features such as supporting speed up to 1000Mbps (Megabits per Second) on the other hand supporting up to 2Gbps (Gigabits per second)  


The length of this Cat5e Ethernet cable that we purchased was 15feet (i.e. 15.2meters)

4.Thickness and Wirings:

Regarding thickness, the external wires were thick and heavy in such a way that it provided much safety for the internal wiring. We observed the reason behind the very high internet speed was due to usage of gold –plated copper wire as shown in the video above.


A good Wi-Fi router is essential

  • To make certain about the proper internet connection and
  • To test the speed of the internet.  We have explained about the best Wi-Fi Router in the above Video, along with its connecting procedure that provides a high- speed internet connection.

6.Speed Test:

We had undergone a live speed test mentioning a genuine and guaranteed website as explained in the video above.

Kindly watch the above video completely to get a thorough comprehension of the connection and speed test procedures of Cat5e Ethernet cable.

As a result of the speed test, it showed a high- speed internet performance of 83 Mbps for downloading and 94.75 Mbps for uploading, despite multiple connections to the Wi-Fi router.

To come to conclusion of the appropriate rating for the ‘Amazon Basics’- Ethernet Cable, please watch the above video completely .

OSRVIEWSS To Viewers: An Important Suggestion

OSRVIEWSS recommends this Cat5e Ethernet Cable for individuals who are using PCs, Laptops, Smart TVs and looking to establish a stable internet connection, we are glad to recommend this Cat5e Ethernet Cable.

We also strongly recommend every individual to purchase this Ethernet cable through reputed websites especially Amazon since online price is quite less than offline price; it is wiser to understand that online purchase from this renowned Amazon is good quality wise too.

We are looking forward to get everyone experiencing the pleasant experience that we had got through the purchase as mentioned earlier. Also, we request viewers to gather together in maintaining the uniformity of supporting reviews so that it would help other people too.

OSRVIEWSS aims to bring the best output and needs many of our viewers to support growing further and making the most useful reviews to help people.

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