Arokya Toned Milk Review: A new variety of Toned Milk!

Arokya Toned Milk Review: Arokya is a part of Hatsun Agro Product Limited. This milk brand(Arokya) was launched in the year 1995 and has won the trust of millions of people across the world for many years.

Arokya Toned Milk Review By OSRVIEWSS
Arokya Toned Milk Review By OSRVIEWSS

This review is about Arokya Toned Milk and the important factors are to be discussed in detail such as:

1. FAT:

This milk contains 3% fat. This shows that the unwanted fat has been removed thereby making it suitable for adults to consume this toned milk.

2. SNF(Solids-Not-Fat)

This milk contains an SNF value of 8.5%.

3. MRP(Maximum Retail Price):

The MRP of Arokya Toned Milk is Rs 27 for 500ml.

4. Milk Quality before boiling:

The milk quality seemed to be good while unpacking. But, the exact quality can be determined only after boiling the milk.

5. Milk Thickness After Boiling:

There is not enough amount of thickness observed in this toned milk. Also, we cannot observe a thick yellowish cream commonly known as “Malai” which is usually being liked by small children.

Toned Arokya Milk after boiling
Toned Arokya Milk after boiling

6. Milk Taste:

This toned milk tastes good when consumed as plain milk. The exact taste and quality of Arokya Toned Milk can be determined when had with tea.

7. Milk Taste along with Tea:

After tasting Arokya Toned Milk along with tea, we can observe that the milk quality and flavor were good. But, usually, after having tea the taste must remain on our tongue for a long time which goes missing with this milk.

This might be possible because of the low density of this toned milk which was equal to water and the main lacking point of this milk.

The taste was absolutely plain and could have been tried to improve much better.

Arokya Toned Milk Review: A Detailed Video

Here is the detailed video of Arokya Toned Milk Review and it is advisable to watch this video after reading the above informational points for a better understanding of this review.

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