Avon Khadi Center Hyderabad! The Best Traditional and Formal Wear!

Avon Khadi Center Hyderabad!

Kala Silk Expo at AS Rao Nagar!

The Best Handloom Expo in Hyderabad 2022!

Kala Silk Expo is one of the famous exhibitions located at Dr.AS.Rao.Nagar, Hyderabad. People can find different types items of clothing and accessories with varying designs and patterns.

Though there are many shops inside the exhibition, we have selected the best shop named “Avon Khadi Center”. The main intention of OSRVIEWSS was not to review this shop just for the namesake.

Also, we purchased different varieties of Kurtis from this shop 4 years ago, and still, we are using them. The quality of the cloth purchased is much more valuable compared to the price range offered.

Kala Silk Expo: Exhibition in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad
Kala Silk Expo: Exhibition in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad
Avon Khadi Center: AS Rao Nagar Hyderabad
Avon Khadi Center: AS Rao Nagar Hyderabad

It is not easy to get these types of high-quality clothing materials inside cities even after searching many places.

Avon Khadi Center Hyderabad: About Shop Owner

Avon Khadi Center shop owner “Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui” responded in a very much friendly and humble to every customer.

“Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui” is one of the most polite shop owners we have met of all time who can understand the choice of each and every customer and suggestions according to their best needs.

If customers plan to purchase a single piece of dress from this shop, he keeps on showing all new varieties of dresses till customers get satisfied.

Avon Khadi Center Shop Owner: Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui
Avon Khadi Center Shop Owner: Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui
Avon Khadi Center Shop Owner in Kala Silk Expo: Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui
Avon Khadi Center Shop Owner in Kala Silk Expo: Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui

It is guaranteed that customers will surely purchase the maximum number of dresses than their planned budget by seeing the response of the shop owner and the variety of dress collections.

This is the main reason we have selected this shop, though there were many shops inside this exhibition.

Previously, we promoted this shop inside this exhibition by making a detailed video for our viewers. The below video was made in March 2021.

Avon Khadi Center Detailed Review Video in March 2021

Avon Khadi Center Hyderabad: One of the Best Shops in Kala Silk Expo

We have been purchasing different varieties of dresses from this shop since the year 2018. Compared to 4 years back, the quality of the clothing was improvised a lot. Also, many new varieties in different sizes have been included.

People can find many different varieties of traditional wear, casual and formal wear starting for children, adults, and also senior citizens of their family.

Customers will surely get a satisfying feeling after purchasing items of clothing from this shop.

Is it possible to purchase all varieties of dresses from Avon Khadi Center at a reasonable price?

If we visit the best shopping malls in Hyderabad, surely we have to spend a minimum amount of two thousand rupees and even more to purchase the best quality single set of dresses.

Whereas, customers visiting “Avon Khadi Center” can purchase a bunch of special collections at the best price range offered, thereby making your family happier and giving a satisfying feeling for the amount we spent.

Especially, for kids, we can find a variety of traditional, formal, and casual wear.

Kids Wear
Kids Wear

Also, we can find special varieties of waistcoats for children and adults with varying collections at an affordable price with the best quality clothing material offered.

Waist Coat
Waist Coat

Recently, we visited this shop and purchased a variety of kurtas as shown in the below images.

Best Kurta Collections
Best Kurta Collections
Avon Khadi Center: Kurtas Purchased
Avon Khadi Center: Best Kurtas for men purchased

Avon Khadi Center: Special Discount for OSRVIEWSS Subscribers

Customers visiting this shop can get an additional special discount of 10% if they are a subscriber of the OSRVIEWSS channel.

Special Discount For OSRVIEWSS Subscribers
Special Discount For OSRVIEWSS Subscribers
Additional  Discount For OSRVIEWSS Subscribers
Additional Discount For OSRVIEWSS Subscribers

If customers are planning to purchase a bunch of new collections from this shop at an affordable price, they will surely get a special discount if they have read this article through Google and are also a subscriber of the OSRVIEWSS YouTube Channel.

Avon Khadi Center: Recently Purchased New Collections

Here is a detailed video of the Avon Khadi Center inside one of the famous family exhibitions named Kala Silk Expo. It is a sincere request to many people to watch this video for a detailed understanding of this review.

Also, by watching this video many existing regular customers, as well as upcoming new customers, will be aware of the new collections available in this shop so that people can plan their purchasing according to the upcoming festivals and important events in their families.

For customers who are planning to purchase the best quality clothing and prefer wearing Pure Khadi material, it is advisable to watch this video, Subscribe to OSRVIEWSS, and then visit this shop to get an additional discount after becoming a part of the OSRVIEWSS family.

Also, it is recommended to watch the above video first before watching the below video, so that people can find the new collections and improvised clothing material included compared to March 2021 and December 2022.

Avon Khadi Center inside Kala Silk Expo, Hyderabad: December 2022

OSRVIEWSS to Viewers an Important Suggestion

OSRVIEWSS recommends one of the best and most genuine shops located in AS Rao Nagar, Hyderabad. People can visit this shop located inside Kala Silk Expo and can spend their valuable time with their families and children visiting this exhibition.

Avon Khadi Center Collections
Avon Khadi Center Collections

Also, we have provided the location link in the video description and the shop owner’s contact number in the above video. After watching the above video, in case of any queries, people can contact the shop owner.

Though there are many online shopping websites that offer a new variety of kurta collections, spending your valuable time at the best shop like “Avon Khadi Center” results in grabbing the best lifetime collections required at the best reasonable price.

In case of any suggestions and feedback, people can post in the comment sections after visiting the shop.

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