Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti- Is this a guaranteed combination to be tried for sure?

Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti is the parcel we have brought from Bawarchi Restaurant located at RTC X Roads, Hyderabad.

Previously, we have tried Rumali Roti and Loose Prawns from Bawarchi Restaurant and shared the review in detail.

Most of us are aware that the name “Rumali Roti in Hyderabadi style indicates it is as soft as a handkerchief with a thin layer. Rumali Roti is popularly known as ” Handkerchief Bread” in English.

Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti
Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti

Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti Review: A Detailed Video

It is a sincere request to watch the below video before proceeding with this review further. After watching this video, it is guaranteed that many people would manage to understand this review much better.

Bawarchi Chicken 65 and Rumali Roti Detailed Review

1. Rumali Roti Frying:

Usually, Rumali Roti is provided after it is fried properly, but in this case, it is different.

After unpacking we found that the top and bottom layers of rumali roti could have been fried better. As the rumali roti is purely a maida ingredient it should be fried properly before serving to customers in order to avoid digestion issues.

Rumali Roti Heating

2. Rumali Roti Thickness:

The thickness of the rumali roti is as delicate as a handkerchief provided in this order from Bawarchi Restaurant.

Rumali Roti Thickness

3. Packing:

Rumali Roti was packed very well in a silver foil cover which remains fresh even after traveling long distances and unpacking it.

Rumali Roti Packing

Chicken 65 from Bawarchi Restaurant:

We have unpacked chicken 65 on top of rumali roti. This is because this is one of the guaranteed combinations to be tried for sure by all food lovers.

1. Color:

This chicken 65 looks darkish in color and doesn’t seem to contain enough masala content.

Chicken Pieces Color

2. Chicken 65 Quality:

The chicken 65 was well packed in silver foil and neither the masala was sticky inside the foil cover while unpacking. The quality of the chicken pieces was fresh.

3. Taste:

The taste of chicken 65 is excellent. Though it doesn’t seem to be having enough masala content while tasting we can feel the amount of masala has been added in sufficient quantities.

Chicken Pieces Taste

4. Chicken Pieces Softness:

The chicken pieces are too hard that it is impossible to break with our hands. Before having we need to question ourselves such as:

  • What were the severe consequences to be faced if these pieces are consumed without chewing them properly?
  • How can our teeth chew these hard chicken pieces when it is not possible to break with our hands?
  • Do we have to chew these hard chicken pieces for the sake of money we spent ordering food?
Chicken Pieces Softness

OSRVIEWSS to viewers: An Important Suggestion

The combination of Rumali Roti and chicken 65 was awesome in taste and it was one of the best food combinations to be tried from Bawarchi Restaurant.

But, at the same time keep in mind certain issues such as proper heating of Rumali Roti and the hardness of chicken pieces spoils the entire good opinion of this tasty food.

It would have been a fantastic experience if the chicken pieces were soft along with their taste and spice added.

But, if people want to try this food combination ignoring the hardness of the chicken pieces they can surely try it once by taking the precaution of chewing and spitting out the hard chicken pieces rather than consuming them.

At the same time, OSRVIEWSS warns to avoid such types of foods for children, and people having teeth and digestion issues.

Opinions may change from person to person. In case of any new suggestions and corrections, we are ready to accept them as people may feel free to post their comments in the comment section below.

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