Bawarchi Restaurant CHILLI CHICKEN with RUMALI ROTI- The Unique Combination!

Bawarchi Restaurant, Located in RTC Crossroads, Hyderabad is very well known for its authentic Hyderabadi Biryani. Earlier we tried the Mutton Jumbo Pack biryani from this restaurant. Other than Biryani, Bawarchi Restaurant’s Menu includes a long list of varieties. So, we thought of trying Chilly Chicken which is a dish that tastes good with the majority of food varieties such as Biryani, Naan, and Tandoori Roti. Also Not to forget the familiar combo Fried Rice Chilli Chicken.

But how about Rumali Roti with Chilli Chicken? It is obvious that most of us would usually taste Rumali Roti with Gravy varieties rather than Dry varieties like Chilli Chicken.

Rumali Roti with Chilly Chicken - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS

Chilli Chicken with Rumali Roti


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Why is this combination unique?

Rumali Roti - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS

As mentioned above, people rather prefer Gravy varieties for Rumali Roti but the ingredients included in Chilli Chicken blend well with Rumali Roti and give an excellent taste.

What is Special about Bawarchi Restaurant’s Chilli Chicken?

Firstly, the chicken pieces are soft which makes them chewable and easy to digest.

Chilli Chicken pieces are soft and delicious - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS
Capsicum and Onion in Chilli Chicken - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS

Secondly, the spices are blended so well that even the ingredients such as Capsicum & Onions have a good flavor.

Probably that is why it suits well with Rumali Roti because the Roti layer is so thin that it allows knowing the exact taste of the chilly chicken.

Rumali Roti with Chilli Chicken - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS
Chillies in Chilly Chicken - Bawarchi Restaurant Hyderabad - Review by OSRVIEWSS

The Chilli Chicken is prepared so well that though there are many Chillies visible, we don’t feel it to be too spicy. It is perfect!

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