Bawarchi Loose Prawns- Is it Worth the money?





Bawarchi restaurant located at RTC X Roads, Hyderabad is one of the famous restaurants where all college students, office employees, family members, etc. gather in one place and spend their valuable time having the most delicious food.

It has been one of the favorite restaurants for many people staying in Hyderabad since the year 1994, because of the excellent taste and quality of the food they provide.

It is a fact that customers once they visit this restaurant and have food, they keep on visiting this restaurant to try out different varieties of foods with different combinations.

OSRVIEWSS is one of the regular customers of Bawarchi restaurant for many years.

But, is the same quality and taste maintained by Bawarchi Restaurant in recent times???

Are people enjoying having food from Bawarchi Restaurant like they used to have before???

Let us review this seafood from Bawarchi Restaurant in detail…

 Loose Prawns
Bawarchi Loose Prawns with Rumali Roti- Review By OSRVIEWSS

Bawarchi Loose Prawns Along With Rumali Roti Review- Is it worth the money we spend for its taste and Quality???

Previously, we reviewed Chicken and Mutton Biryani from Bawarchi restaurant by making a detailed video which you can find in the playlist of OSRVIEWSS Hyderabad Food Reviews. Many viewers found our reviews very much helpful.

In Bawarchi Restaurant, there are a variety of Seafood dishes . Based on the positive response from our viewers and for a change, we decided to have a variety combination of Rumali roti and Loose Prawns Fry from Bawarchi restaurant.

Many customers suggested trying out Loose Prawns Fry among the seafood list from Bawarchi Restaurant. Based on the reviews and customers’ opinions, a new thought blinked to review Bawarchi’s Loose Prawns along with Rumali Roti.

This kind of loose prawns fry won’t suit Biryani and this is the reason we have brought the parcel of Rumali Roti with Loose Prawns.

The cost of Loose Prawns fry and Rumali Roti is discussed in detail in the below video. It is advisable to watch this video completely before going through this review in detail.

Bawarchi Loose Prawns Fry Along With Rumali Roti Review: A Detailed Video to be watched

1. Quantity: The Quantity provided is very good for this price range. This single-plate quantity of prawns cannot be found in most of the hotels in Hyderabad.

Seafood List from Bawarchi- Prawns Fry Quantity

2. Taste: The taste is awesome and the quality of the Masala is excellent. But, only providing the taste won’t suffice as there are certain drawbacks to be discussed.

Seafood dishes- Loose Prawns Fry Taste from Bawarchi Restaurant along with Rumali Roti
Bawarchi Sea Food- Loose Prawns

3. Pieces Softness: As the taste is too best, similarly the softness of the pieces is too worst. Almost, all prawns are like stones that cannot be chewed and swallowed easily.

The only suggestion is to chew and spit it out as the pieces are too hard to consume. There isn’t any possibility of these pieces diluting in spite of chewing them many times.

Seafood Dishes- Loose Prawns Softness
 Prawns piece too Hard

4. Side Effects of Chewing the Prawns Piece: People with sensitive teeth or facing the problem of any teeth issues, will surely have to run to a dentist immediately.

 Tooth Pain after having loose prawns
Visiting Dentist after having Loose Prawns

Swallowing these hard pieces may cause many digestion issues. Especially, digestion problems will be severe for kids if they swallow these kinds of hard pieces without chewing them properly.

Intestine issues after having Loose Prawns

Common Questions Arise After Having Loose Prawns from Bawarchi Restaurant:

The question arises after reading the above factors such as:

1. Why chew and consume such a worst food that is hard like a stone?

2. Is it worth the amount we travel and have food?

3. Why harm our health?

Bawarchi Rumali Roti and Loose Prawns: Precautions to be followed while consuming

While consuming such types of foods, it is advisable to follow certain precautions to live a safe and healthy life. These precautions include:

1. Few people think that for the amount they spend, they try to consume this type of food in a forceful manner. No matter, how much ever the quality of the pieces is worst or the tasteless pieces it is. It is advised not to consume a such type of food which is not acceptable by your teeth and intestines.

2. Ask Yourself one question before consuming such type of unhealthy foods: When your teeth are unable to chew such a hard piece of food, then what is the possibility of your intentions to dissolve it?

3. We all are fond of food and expect once in a while outing with our family. As a human, we cannot taste the same kind of food all time.

For a change, we need to try out a variety of foods from a restaurant. But, at the same time, we should ensure to have healthy foods from a restaurant.

4. Nowadays, we could experience changes in the taste of food day to day. Many hotels are not retaining the same taste and quality they used to maintain before.

We cannot predict that they are doing it wanted. Sometimes, it is because of the circumstances or changes in the cook. So, it is advisable to select the best restaurant by checking its reviews before planning to have food with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

OSRVIEWSS To Viewers: An Important Suggestion

OSRVIEWSS does not recommend this as a must-try food or healthy food. Especially Loose Prawns along with Rumali Roti from Bawarchi restaurant are not advisable for kids.

This review is purely based on our personal experience which we have decided to share with many people through the support of Google.

Based on our viewer’s requests and customers, we have reviewed this kind of seafood from Bawarchi Restaurant.

After reading the above review in detail, many people will be aware of the best and worst types of foods provided in this restaurant while visiting.

Opinions may change from person to person. In case of any new suggestions and corrections, we are ready to accept them as people may feel free to post their comments in the comment section below.

OSRVIEWSS aims to bring the best output and needs many of our viewers to support growing further and making the most useful reviews to help people.

Kindly Support Us… Encourage us & Help us Grow more and more…

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