Best Towing Service in Hyderabad- The Excellent Answer for vehicle breakdown!

Best Towing Service in Hyderabad???

Is there any best alternative to come out of vehicle breakdown problems???

These days vehicle breakdowns are observed in our day-to-day life where many people face this issue. Even we have faced this issue many times and in this kind of doubtful circumstance, many people get panicked.

Many times, we might have some important plans and commitments to meet while traveling outside. What happens when your vehicle breakdowns during such important moments of your life?

More often we get depressed and cannot find an alternative solution when we are stuck in the middle of our journey or when we are about to start traveling.

This type of situation happens very unfortunately and in an unexpected way. In this kind of situation, many people are confused and do not know how to take alternative solutions.

There are some methods to overcome the problem of vehicle breakdowns and reach a service center safely:

1. Car-to-Car Pulling:

In this method, one end of the rope is tied to the working condition of the car, and the other end is tied to the vehicle which does not start at all.

Car to Car Pulling
Car-to-Car Pulling Method

But, this method does not work out all time. Sometimes, the output may become wrong or the vehicle does not get pulled properly or the rope cannot be tied in a strong way.

Car to Car Pulling Disadvantages
Car to Car Pulling Drawbacks

After trying out this method we have found another method and based on our experience we are sharing it with many people.

2. Towing Vehicles Method:

These days, even workshop persons are offered towing vehicles. But, these people charge a huge amount.

Even though there are plenty of genuine towing apps available in the Google Play Store, none of them charge a reasonable price.

We have installed each and every app by checking its working condition and the price range offered.

After searching for “The Best Car Towing Service in Hyderabad“, there were many results showing through JustDial and other services. But, these methods did not work out at all.

Finally, after our long search, we found JCM Roadside assistance, and the location along with the contact details are provided in the below video. One of the staff members named “Teja” showed a good response through phone call conversation.

JCM Roadside Assistance
JCM Roadside Assistance : Best Towing Service in Hyderabad

Here are the following points that we came to know through our phone call conversation:

1. Provided with 24×7 Assistance.

2. Towing Vehicle will be sent within half an hour to the required address.

3. These services are available in many places apart from Hyderabad such as Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, and Nellore.

Best Towing Service in Hyderabad- Detailed Video with Step-By-Step Procedure

Here is the detailed video of the best towing service provided by JCM Roadside Assistance which is explained in a step-by-step procedure below.

Best Towing Service in Hyderabad- Step-By-Step Detailed Procedure

1. The driver of the towing vehicle was quite an experienced person which made us feel this service was a guaranteed one. The first step performed was by opening up the hydraulic lifter which lifts up the vehicle.

Towing Vehicle
Towing Vehicle
Towing Vehicle Hydraulic Lifter
Towing Vehicle Hydraulic Lifter

2. The left and right grills are used to lock the vehicle tyres.

Left and Right Grills of the Hydraulic Lifter
Left and Right Grills of the Hydraulic Lifter

3. These grills gradually move towards the car tyres and when the tire touches the grills, it gets locked.

 Grills of the Hydraulic Lifter moving toward the vehicle tire
Grills of the Hydraulic Lifter moving toward the vehicle tyres

4. Now that the grill is locked with the car wheels, the person tightens the grill for better gripping and smooth carrying of the vehicle.

Tightening Process for better gripping
Tightening Process for better gripping

5. The lock pattern is very strong. Even though the car wheels are locked through the grills, the person lifts with the Hydraulic lifter and ties to the center part of the vehicle for even balancing.

Vehicle transported through towing vehicle
Vehicle transported through the towing vehicle

6. After the towing vehicle started, we have been following along with our other vehicle till the towing service center. As far as we observed, the driver of the towing vehicle was driving in a very cautious way and transported our vehicle safely to the servicing center.

Vehicle moved safely to the Towing Service Centre
The vehicle moved safely to the Towing Service Centre

It is advisable to watch the above video after reading the step-by-step procedure to make our explanation clear through visualization.

Best Towing Service in Hyderabad- The Best Service Offered after arriving at the service center

1. After arriving at the service center, the vehicle was parked in a safe place.

2. The payment procedures were very smooth through PhonePe as discussed with the executive previously during the phone call conservation. Also, the rates were very much reasonable provided with its excellent service.

3. The driver of the towing vehicle did not charge any extra amount.

4. People who want to visit this towing service center and get their vehicle repaired during any kind of situation, can note down the detailed address provided on the visiting card along with the phone number shown in the above video.

5. The best thing about this service is that it is a 24×7 service, so that in case of any breakdowns at any time, people need not worry or fear.


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