Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates: All You need to know about the Poor Delivery Service!

Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates: These days online shopping has become much more convenient for customers, ordering the required groceries with the help of their smartphone by installing the required app, in the comfort of their home, and making easy online payments.

Many online apps have become popular these days and Big Basket is one of the popular and convenient apps for easy and quick delivery of groceries and other household items.

Those were the olden days when people used to carry a shopping bag along with them and travel long distances to buy groceries and other household items from vegetable markets and Supermarkets.

As we all know Big Basket is a well-known online shopping store in India and the most popular online website to purchase groceries and household items.

Previously it was known only as “Big Basket” when we purchased these “KIMIA” dates and made this video. Recently the “TATA” group bought Big Basket and it is now known as “TATA Big Basket”.

Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates
Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates

Even after becoming a TATA Enterprise, Bigbasket has many flaws and many customers are not satisfied with the delivery service in recent times.

At present, “TATA Big Basket” is not delivering orders on time and giving many silly reasons.

Most of the time, orders are getting canceled by giving improper explanations that the delivery person’s vehicle had a breakdown.

In many cases, we have experienced that orders were canceled and the delivery person gives a simple explanation saying that products were damaged due to a slight rain occurred or the vehicle was met with an accident.

Especially, if it is a “Cash On Delivery“, the delivery person is not having a balanced amount to return while making cash payments.

Rather, most of the delivery persons are asking to make online payments or cancel the order.

The delivery person contacts the customer many times asking for the address, even after the address is specified in detail, and cancels the order.

Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates: Detailed video of Big Basket’s Poor Service

At present, the “TATA Big Basket” service is very poor and at the time when I purchased “Kimia Dates” from Big Basket lot of pieces from Kimia, dates went missing when it was delivered and a lot of pieces were theft happened earlier. The package was arranged in such a way that it looked as if it was completely sealed and to make it appear to the customers like the package has not been opened at all.

After facing this issue, we have made a video on our channel and shared our experience with our viewers.

At present, we don’t know exactly if like this issue is happening or not! If anyone is facing such issues they can feel free to share their experience and can post their experience in the comment section after Watching this video below.

Bigbasket Delivery of Kimia Dates

Hereby it’s a kind request for all viewers to watch this video and take it as a precaution video.

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