Cafe Bahar Chicken Tandoori- The Best or Worst?

Here is the detailed review of Tandoori Chicken which we have brought a parcel from Cafe Bahar restaurant. This restaurant is located at Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

Cafe Bahar, Hyderabad( Basheerbagh)
Cafe Bahar, Hyderabad( Basheerbagh)

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Cafe Bahar Chicken Tandoori- A Detailed Review

Before proceeding further into this review, it is recommended to watch this full video. This is a detailed video that we have reviewed and shared with our viewers during the previous year. By visualization, people can understand this review much better after reading the below points explained.

Cafe Bahar Chicken Tandoori: A Detailed Video

1. Unpacking:

Initially, after unpacking we felt that there was so much oil content inside provided. But it was the artificial sauce added on top of the tandoori chicken in excess quantity.

2. Chicken Pieces:

Two large chicken pieces were provided which had good color and looked soft initially after unpacking. The exact softness of the pieces can be observed only after consuming the tandoori chicken.

The chicken pieces’ quality and quantity provided were very good.

3. Price:

During the year 2021, we purchased this chicken tandoori for the price of Rs 220. The price may vary compared to the previous year.

4. Taste :

The taste of this chicken tandoori from cafe bahar restaurant was not superior. The chicken pieces though looked soft from the outside after unpacking. While consuming it can be felt that only a few portions of chicken pieces were soft whereas the remaining portions were extremely hard and not at all chewable.

The chicken pieces were cooked enough, but they could have been roasted even better to make the pieces much more chewable.

After swallowing the chicken pieces, a heaviness feel inside the stomach can be felt and it is a struggling process for this chicken tandoori to get digested after consumption.

Chicken Tandoori from Cafe Bahar Restaurant
Cafe Bahar Chicken Tandoori

OSRVIEWSS to Viewers: An Important Suggestion

Though the quantity and quality of chicken pieces were good, the preparation method and ingredients added were not at all good. People will definitely face digestion problems after consuming this chicken tandoori from Cafe Bahar Restaurant.

The Chicken Tandoori for a price of Rs 220 is reasonable compared to other restaurants we have come across in Hyderabad.

At the same time, OSRVIEWSS cautions people not to consume these kinds of hard chicken pieces for the sake of buying a single plate chicken tandoori of Rs 220 as health matters a lot.

Some people consume meat from restaurants just for the tongue temptation they have brought food…

Tongue taste is important we all agree, but the fact is that: “moreover tongue won’t listen to us”.

Thinking about health we have to select the right food.

Because we are not single!

We are not alone!

We all have families!

Also, we all are living under the responsibility and if our health is fine then only we can run our family in a safe zone.

Immediately doubt rises: What happens if small children consume this kind of hard chicken pieces which is impossible for them to chew and consume?

It is guaranteed that small children with sensitive teeth and digestive systems will face severe digestion and teeth-related problems if they consume these kinds of chicken pieces.

Children and adults are fond of having delicious foods from restaurants, thereby parents should ensure their children consume safe and tasty food.

Opinions may change from person to person. In case of any new suggestions and corrections, we are ready to accept them as people may feel free to post their comments in the comment section below.

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