DIGITEK 67 inch Tripod | DTR 550 LW | Detailed Review

DIGITEK 67-inch Tripod review: A Perfect & Steady video is incomplete without a Tripod. Here is a detailed review of the DIGITEK DTR 550 LW Tripod that fulfills every important requirement for steady videography.

Digitek Tripod comes with many useful features that not only fulfill requirements in regular videography but also work by giving the user a convenient way of shooting smooth-moving shots.

What makes Digitek Tripod the best choice among other major brands?

In one word it can be defined as “A Complete Value for Money Product”

digitek 67 inch tripod review

Digitek 67-inch tripod review: A Detailed Video of Digitek DTR 550 LW Review

Digitek 67- inch DTR 550 LW tripod review: Elaborate Review


If you are ordering it from Amazon then you would be getting a huge size box (Like shown in the image) which is actually not required for a compact-sized product box.


At least thermocol blocks could have been kept to make sure the product doesn’t move here & there during transportation.

This way of packing naturally creates a question in our mind like: “Would the product be safe without damage?”


It is definitely appreciatable that the tripod comes with a portable and easy-to-carry slinger bag with a zip.

A Tripod Bag is one of the underrated accessories of a Tripod which is actually very helpful to carry easily anytime, anywhere.


A Handle to adjust the Tilt & Pan motions is the most important feature of a Tripod.

In this Digitek Tripod, the Quality of the handle is strong enough to perform Tilt or Pan functions.

Digitek Tripod: Handle to adjust" Tilt and Pan" Motion


Free Lock: Digitek Tripod

Probably it is the first time that in this budget range a Tripod has a FREE LOCK Function which is so premium and convenient to use.

The Screw & Bolt system is strong enough to perform the Lock & Release function without any issues even for a heavy-weight camera.


A Side Lock is another essential feature to quickly switch the video orientation to either Horizontal or Vertical.

The frequent shifting between Horizontal and Vertical orientation is very easy with this switch. It is appreciatable that the thickness and quality are very good that one need not worry whether it may get damaged while tilting faster.

It is obvious fact that every person behind the camera using a tripod will definitely love their accessories to be compatible in a comfortable way. No doubt that this tripod can thoroughly satisfy all aspects of comfort.


Digitek DTR 550 LW is a very widely compatible tripod that works wonders with almost any device. Smartphones and Digital cameras are lightweight models that easily fit but what surprises the most is that even heavyweight DSLR & Video cameras are comfortable and compatible with this tripod.

digitek dtr 550 lw compatible - osrviewss
Digitek Tripod

Other than cameras, equipment like Studio Microphone, Condensor Microphone, and Mini Digital Projectors can also be fixed with this tripod.


This Tripod can be extended up to a maximum height of 5.57 feet. It comes with strong rubberized legs which makes it easily usable on any surface without a second thought.

This Tripod can hold any camera, projector, or microphone up to the weight of 5kg. So it is obvious that even heavy-weight DSLRs can be easily mounted on this tripod.

Digitek DTR 550 LW Features - OSRVIEWSS

There are 3 sections of height with a lock that can be used according to the user’s desire on which height he/she wants the tripod to stand (Width can also be controlled simultaneously).

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