Grill-9 Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad: An interesting review to be known

Grill-9 Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad!!!

Here is a detailed review of the Grilled Chicken from GRILL 9 restaurant located in Karkhana, Hyderabad.

Earlier, people used to travel far distances to buy parcels from this restaurant because of their excellent preparation style.

Grill-9 Restaurant in Hyderabad: Grill-9's Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad
Grill-9 Restaurant in Hyderabad

After the COVID-19 lockdown, did the Grill-9 restaurant maintain the same taste and quality of its food? 

Were both existing old customers and new customers satisfied with Grill-9’s offerings?

Let us find it out in detail…

Grill-9’s Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad Review: A Detailed Video

Here is a detailed review of the Grill-9 restaurant, and it is recommended to watch the full video to get a better sense of how the restaurant looked and operated after the lockdown.

Also, the location link is provided in this video’s description so it is recommended to watch this video completely. 

Grill-9 Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad
:  A Detailed Review

Here are some of the crucial factors to be considered before ordering Grilled chicken from Grill-9 restaurant : 

1. Cost: 

The cost of Grilled Chicken was Rs. 304 at the time of our purchase, and prices may have changed since then.

2. Odour: 

While unpacking, we noticed a roasted ghee aroma and this is not a typical aroma associated with a grilled chicken.

3. Unpacking: 

After unpacking, we noticed that the grilled chicken appeared oily, but in reality, it was not oil but ghee that was added to it.

4. Quality:

While the chicken pieces were soft enough to chew, the taste was not good as it had excessive ghee that made it difficult to enjoy the true flavor of the grilled chicken.

The taste of the grilled chicken along with chutney and mayonnaise was satisfactory, but the flavor of the ghee was still noticeable, which made it somewhat uncomfortable to consume.

Grilled Chicken
Grill-9’s Grilled Chicken

OSRVIEWSS To Viewers: An Important Suggestion

OSRVIEWSS does not recommend people try Grilled Chicken from Grill-9 Restaurant.

Especially, adults who follow a strict diet should also avoid this grilled chicken, as excessive ghee consumption can lead to serious health issues. 

Overall, the quality and taste of the grilled chicken have significantly become worse compared to the pre-lockdown situation.

Moreover, the preparation method was not up to the mark, and it would not be considered grilled chicken by any means.

Rating for Grill-9's Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad

Rating for Grill-9’s Grilled Chicken in Hyderabad

We have provided a rating for Grill 9’s grilled chicken based on our experience. To know what rating we provided and our experience with grilled chicken from this restaurant, we suggest watching the complete video above. This will provide you with an idea about the quality of grilled chicken that we experienced at this restaurant

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