Jeya’s Gold Euro Star! A Terrific 2-inch Sky Shot!

2-inch Sky Shot!!!

Gold Euro Star!!!

Jeya’s Brand Sivakasi!!!

Cheap & Best 2-inch Sky Shot!!!

Jeya’s Gold Euro Star is one of the pocket-friendly 2-inch sky shots with the best performance. At the same time, we caution people not to underestimate this sky shot by glimpsing its size as this 2-inch sky shot needs to be burst in a cautious way.

These types of 2-inch sky shots are popularly known as “Chota Sky Shots“.

Jeya's Gold Euro Star

It is cautioned to avoid the risk of bursting a 2-inch sky shot on the terrace, as this Chota sky shot performs well when it is bursting on open ground with ample surroundings as shown in the video below.

As you can see in this video, the power of this sky shot projected from base level till exploding into the sky is very much robust.

2-inch Sky Shot
2-inch Sky Shot bursting

So, it is advisable to maintain at least a distance of 6 feet from the sky shot when it is set to launch into the sky. Crackers give happiness while bursting and to maintain that same enjoyment it is recommended to follow certain safety measures.

In many cases, Large size sky shots do not give enough spread (here spreading refers not after bursting into the sky but during the initial stages when the sky shot is set to burst at ground level itself as shown in the below image.

Jeya's Gold Euro Star

So, these kinds of sky shots should be burst carefully by following certain safety measures which will also be discussed further in detail.

One should be aware that children should be avoided standing near this kind of sky shots as its performance is very much explosive.

Jeya’s Gold Euro Star: Bursting Video

Here is the bursting video of Jeya’s Gold Euro Star and it is a request to all our viewers to watch this video completely to get a more clear understanding of the above explanation and to know the performance and display of this 2-inch sky shot:


During the Diwali festival as well as other events, we burst sky shots for our happiness and to experience the best visuals. But at the same time, it is mandatory to follow certain precautions while bursting sky shots and it is a responsibility to ensure our safety and also maintain our enjoyment mode.

Even though this sky shot is small in size, one shouldn’t consider a 2-inch sky shot in a careless way and should follow certain safety measures such as placing the sky shot in between the 2 bricks as suggested below.

Here are a few cautions and suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

  1. Before bursting, ensure to place the sky shot firmly in between two bricks(shown in the below image).
  2. The surface where the Sky shot is placed should be flat and even (in between two bricks).
  3. Proper space must be maintained to ensure the safety of the nearby people and also for the sky shot to perform properly.
  4. Avoid bursting sky shots in places surrounded by people living in huts.
  5. An open space or vast area of ground is the best suitable and also the only advisable option to burst these kinds of sky shots.
  6. One should maintain a safe distance while lightening the sky shot by keenly observing the sparks and moving away immediately before the sky shot is set to launch.

Additional Cautions and Important Suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

While bursting any type of cracker, it is advisable to place this type of fire extinguisher nearby as shown below.

Here are the following cautions to be taken and important suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

  1. While bursting carry only one shot rather than carrying all sky shots at a time.
  2. The remaining quantity of sky shots remaining should be kept at a far distance away from the sky shots/crackers which are set to burst.
  3. Based on our personal experience, OSRVIEWSS suggests people use a fire extinguisher (shown in the below image) that costs below thousand rupees, and people who buy sky shots in bulk quantities are enough rich to afford a fire extinguisher to ensure their safety as well as safety of their family members while bursting crackers.
  4. As discussed above, we suggest people purchase a Fire extinguisher as it is a one-time investment and it is a matter of thousands only but secure the safety of you & your family members while bursting crackers and is also useful in other situations.
  5. The Fire extinguisher has a refilling which costs around three hundred rupees, so people who can afford for them OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest the best safety methods possible.
Fire Extinguisher

Budget Friendly Sky ShotChildren’s Caution to be followed

Few parents/ elders are allowing their children to burst sky shots individually which is not at all acceptable, as these sky shots should be burst with proper care.

So, here are the following cautions to be taken while children are bursting sky shots:

  1. Parents or elders of a family must stay nearby their children while they are bursting sky shots. They should hold their children’s hands while bursting.
  2. Ensure that children and other members of the family are standing at a safe distance away from the sky shot and also to experience the best view.
  3. It is advisable that one person in your family who is an expert and knows the safest way to handle a sky shot should be the one who is going to burst the sky shot. The other family members can stand or sit at a safe distance to experience the visual treat while it is launched into the sky and bursts.
  4. This kind of sky shot should be burst at an open place.

Jeya’s Brand Crackers: Where To Purchase?

As discussed earlier in detail, Jeyas Brand is a hidden gem that cannot be found everywhere. These hidden gem crackers are found in a few places like Sivakasi that too in some shops such as “Oru Sol Pattasu Kadai” in the same locality.

People residing near Sivakasi can contact the concerned shop owner and purchase this brand. Also, it is advised to plan your purchasing in advance before the festival season to get the best discount price.

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