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Sky shot 5-inch with an extraordinary performance!

Duos Series!

A must-Buy terrific 5-inch sky shot!

A Budget-Friendly Sky Shot Crackers!

Here is the Jeyas XFero 5-inch Sky Shot Duos Series from Sivakasi, which is a budget-friendly Sky Shot cracker as shown in the below image:

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot
Jeyas XFero 5-inch Sky Shot

Many of us are not aware of this type of Sky Shot. The reason why we are suggesting this as a budget-friendly Sky Shot is because of its functionality and gives tough competition to the biggest brands in the market.

The reason, we at OSRVIEWSS are suggesting this type of Sky Shot to many people is to reveal one of the hidden gems of Jeyas Fireworks named the XFero from the Duos Series and this sky shot is not that familiar among the public.

For people who stay nearby Sivakasi, it is easier for them to purchase the different variants of Jeyas brand sky shot. Whereas people staying in other parts of India, can get it delivered to their location by transport parcel services and collect it at their convenient time.

These days, purchasing crackers online has become much easier but it is important to buy the best quality crackers. You can plan accordingly to your budget by viewing the sky-shot crackers price list.

It is guaranteed that this budget-friendly sky-shot will be a visual treat to your eyes during festivals as well as other important occasions of your life.

We are not revealing the exact cost as the sky shot price varies every year and the price of sky shots when we purchased was different compared to the prices now.

Cautions to be followed while bursting Sky Shots

During the Diwali festival as well as other events, we burst sky shots for our happiness and to experience the best visuals. But at the same time, it is mandatory to follow certain precautions while bursting sky shots and it is a responsibility to ensure our safety and also maintain our enjoyment mode.

Here are the following Cautions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

  1. Before bursting, ensure to place the sky shot firmly in between two bricks(shown in the below image).
  2. The surface where the Sky shot is placed should be flat and even (in between two bricks).
  3. Proper space must be maintained to ensure the safety of the nearby people and also for the sky shot to perform properly.
  4. Avoid bursting sky shots in places surrounded by people living in huts.
  5. An open space or vast area of ground is the best suitable and also the only advisable option to burst these kinds of sky shots.
  6. One should maintain a safe distance while lightening the sky shot by keenly observing the sparks and moving away immediately before the sky shot is set to launch.
Crackers placed between bricks
Sky Shots placed between bricks
Crackers placed between bricks while bursting
Sky Shots placed between bricks while bursting

We request to people who all are bursting the sky shots, place this sky shot in between 2 bricks as shown in the above images to maintain a stable balance while bursting and ensure the safety of other people surrounding nearby so that they can also enjoy the bursting view of this 3-inch sky shot.

Sky Shots Bursting Cautions

  1. While bursting carry only one shot rather than carrying all sky shots at a time.
  2. The remaining quantity of sky shots remaining should be kept at a far distance away from the sky shots/crackers which are set to burst.
  3. Based on our personal experience, OSRVIEWSS suggests people use a fire extinguisher (shown in the below image) that costs below thousand rupees, and people who buy sky shots in bulk quantities are enough rich to afford a fire extinguisher to ensure their safety as well as safety of their family members while bursting crackers.
  4. As discussed above, we suggest people purchase a Fire extinguisher as it is a one-time investment and it is a matter of thousands only but secure the safety of you & your family members while bursting crackers and is also useful in other situations.
  5. The Fire extinguisher has a refilling which costs around three hundred rupees, so people who can afford for them OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest the best safety methods possible.
Fire Extinguisher: Sky Shots Bursting Cautions
-Fire Extinguisher

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot 5-inch Duos Series: The important facts to know About before Purchasing!!!

It is important to know that XFero 5-inch Sky Shot from the Jeyas brand is not easily obtainable throughout India and It is only available at Sivakasi only in some shops.

We have purchased the XFero 5-inch Sky Shot Duos Series from the shop named  Oru Sol Pattasu Kadai located at Sivakasi and they are maintaining very good quality as discussed earlier.

We are suggesting this shop at the same time we are cautioning our viewers that the name Jeyas XFero is shown only outside the box. If we open it and see the sky shot we received was with a different name as shown in the below image:

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot 5-inch Duos Series

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot 5-inch Duos Series: The Issues We Faced After Purchasing

At the time we purchased this sky shot, we faced the same issue and it is a caution to all people by OSRVIEWSS so that customers should not get disappointed after purchasing.

We have purchased Jeyas XFero Sky Shot purely for our YouTube channel purpose and to show the functionality of this sky shot to our viewers by reviewing it.

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot 5-inch Duos Series
Jeyas XFero 5-inch Sky Shot: Outside and inside the box, sky shot varies with a different name

After receiving the parcel, we contacted the shop owner ( we would not like to reveal the shop owner’s name) and asked about this issue.

We have asked the shop owner how come they have provided a different variant inside the box which we have not asked for!!! whereas we preferred XFero Duos Series clearly while purchasing.

How can the variant name of the Sky Shot outside the box is different from the inside?

When we spoke to the shop owner, asking the above question and explaining this issue, the shop owner answered that they will keep one name outside the box & another name inside and it is their standard.

Then we contacted the concerned department and asked the same question why can’t they keep the same name, they explained that the box manufacturing unit is different and the product inside will be different.

Finally, we concluded the conversation by saying that we will show the public the exact condition we received the sky shots from this shop with a different variant name inside and outside the box in our YouTube Channel Video.

Jeyas XFero Sky Shot 5-inch Duos Series: The brand name of the Sky Shot from outside the box and inside provided don’t match at all!!!

As we have said earlier, we have shown in detail the issue at starting of this video attached below. The brand name outside the box is shown as Jeyas X Fero which is different from the sky shot named Summer Slam provided inside.

We could have provided in detail about the Shop name and owner in our video but our intention was not to affect the shop owner’s business and reputation because of the product’s extraordinary performance.

Jeyas XFero 5-inch Sky Shot

Though the crackers product we received was different, the performance was excellent and we cannot conclude the sky shot to be disappointing because though there is a mismatch in names inside and outside the box, there are no flaws with the performance of sky shots.

Jeyas XFero Sky shot 5-inch Duos Series Bursting Video:

These days, the sky shots we purchase from the top leading companies in the market do not perform well with their high price range but this sky shot performs well.

The only issue was the different names provided outside and inside the box of the sky shot but after seeing the excellent performance and display of this sky shot, if customers are willing to purchase then they should prepare themselves in their mind by taking awareness by compromising themselves with a different brand name inside and outside the box provided.

If not, people who want to know the exact display and functioning of the Jeyas XFero Duos Series, then it is advisable to contact the concerned owner/ in-charge explaining that the product name should match inside and outside the box which OSRVIEWSS will leave it totally up to the viewers’ opinion.

But to represent the fact as a fact is totally OSRVIEWSS responsibility. Hereby, it is a sincere request to all our viewers to watch this video completely before they plan to purchase crackers for Diwali as well as other events.

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