Jeyas Zomato Green Sky Shot justifies the idiom that “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover“. Similarly, the size of this sky shot doesn’t matter only the performance speaks. Here is the best example to be known to all crackers fans as well as upcoming fans of crackers…

Jeyas Zomato Green
Jeya’s Zomato Green: One of the Best crackers brands in Sivakasi

Jeyas Zomato Green Sky Shot Performance: One of the Best Diwali Crackers To Be Known!!!

Usually, many people think that there is nothing considerably special in a 2-inch sky shot thereby underestimating the performance of small sky shots such as 1-inch or 2-inch by judging its size. It’s a gentle opinion on people and vision, but Jeya’s Zomato Green will make people surprise and will prove its superior display range with its unique performance.

Zomato Green from Jeya’s Fireworks: Best Sky Shots Crackers
Zomato Green Bursting Visuals from Jeya’s Fireworks: Best Diwali Celebration sky shot

Yes, it is a fact that a few times things may turn beyond expectations. This 2-inch sky shot will prove this fact and will make people feel happy. You can have a try if you want to experience a never seen display range of sky shots while bursting.

Zomato Green from Jeya’s Fireworks: Best Diwali Celebration sky shot

This 2-inch sky shot doubles the enjoyment during Diwali celebrations while watching it burst with a wide display range.

If Jeyas Brand is available nearest to your surroundings, surely you can have a try. People residing near Sivakasi or having any contacts in Sivakasi can easily purchase this brand’s variants at the best price. The Sky Shots price of Jeya’s brand is very much reasonable.

Also, you can purchase Jeya’s brand from Sivakasi in some shops such as “ORU SOL PATTASU KADAI” and buy this 2-inch sky shot.


During the Diwali festival as well as other events, we burst sky shots for our happiness and to experience the best visuals. But at the same time, it is mandatory to follow certain precautions while bursting sky shots and it is a responsibility to ensure our safety and also maintain our enjoyment mode.

Here are a few cautions and suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

  1. Before bursting, ensure to place the sky shot firmly in between two bricks(shown in the below image).
  2. The surface where the Sky shot is placed should be flat and even (in between two bricks).
  3. Proper space must be maintained to ensure the safety of the nearby people and also for the sky shot to perform properly.
  4. Avoid bursting sky shots in places surrounded by people living in huts.
  5. An open space or vast area of ground is the best suitable and also the only advisable option to burst these kinds of sky shots.
  6. One should maintain a safe distance while lightening the sky shot by keenly observing the sparks and moving away immediately before the sky shot is set to launch.
Sky Shots placed between bricks
Sky Shots placed between bricks
Sky Shots placed between bricks while bursting
Sky Shots placed between bricks while bursting

Additional Cautions and Important Suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

Here are the following cautions to be taken and important suggestions to be followed while bursting sky shots:

  1. While bursting carry only one shot rather than carrying all sky shots at a time.
  2. The remaining quantity of sky shots remaining should be kept at a far distance away from the sky shots/crackers which are set to burst.
  3. Based on our personal experience, OSRVIEWSS suggests people use a fire extinguisher (shown in the below image) that costs below thousand rupees, and people who buy sky shots in bulk quantities are enough rich to afford a fire extinguisher to ensure their safety as well as safety of their family members while bursting crackers.
  4. As discussed above, we suggest people purchase a Fire extinguisher as it is a one-time investment and it is a matter of thousands only but secure the safety of you & your family members while bursting crackers and is also useful in other situations.
  5. The Fire extinguisher has a refilling which costs around three hundred rupees, so people who can afford for them OSRVIEWSS is here to suggest the best safety methods possible.
Fire Extinguisher: Sky Shots Bursting Cautions
Fire Extinguisher: Sky Shots Bursting Cautions

Jeyas Zomato Green Sky Shot Bursting Video: Best Crackers for Diwali

It is advisable to watch the below video completely before buying this 2-inch sky shot. Also, OSRVIEWSS suggests people place orders only when they are satisfied with the performance of this sky shot after watching this video.

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