Louis Philippe T-Shirt Review From Flipkart – One of the most comfortable brands!

Is Louis Philippe a good brand for full-hand T-Shirts?

Previously, we had ordered Louis Philippe full sleeves T-shirts from Flipkart. Louis Philippe is one of the most reputed brands manufacturing various types of dresses.

We received this package from Flipkart without a box as shown in the below image.

Louis Philippe T-Shirt From Flipkart
Louis Philippe T-Shirt From Flipkart
Efficient Packing of Flipkart
Louis Philippe T-Shirt From Flipkart: Efficient Packing

These days, this type of packing, commonly known as efficient packing is observed for a few products on other online shopping websites such as Amazon, Myntra, etc.

The MRP of this T-shirt is Rs1,199 whereas we purchased it for Rs 599 from Flipkart.

Louis Philippe T-Shirt
Louis Philippe T-Shirt
Louis Philippe Full Hand T-Shirt MRP: Rs 1,199
Louis Philippe Full Sleeves T-Shirt MRP: Rs 1,199

The brand is named LP Jeans on this full sleeves T-shirt which is also known as Louis Philippe printed with its official logo design.

Louis Philippe T-Shirt Review From Flipkart in detail

Now let us check the following factors of the Louis Philippe T-Shirt from Flipkart in detail:

1. Width:

The width of the t-shirt provided was good. But, for a 3XL T-shirt, we were expecting more width compared to this T-shirt.

As the T-shirt is a slim fit pattern, the width provided is considerably good.

2. Length:

The length of this 3XL T-shirt is good and people above 6 feet in height find this t-shirt a perfect fit.

3. Stretchability:

The stretchability of this T-shirt is a limited size and cannot be extended full freely. Though it looks like fully stretchable cloth, it cannot be extended to a free size.

4. Cloth Comfort:

This T-shirt cloth is lightweight and gives you more than the expected comfort while wearing which is one of the benefits.

The neck areas and the width from shoulder to shoulder seem to be perfect for cloth comfort.

Louis Philippe T-Shirt Review From Flipkart: A Detailed Video

OSRVIEWSS to viewers: An Important Suggestion

This full-hand Louis Philippe T-shirt gives comfort to the person wearing it. Also, this type of T-shirt is suitable for wearing on any occasion such as Birthday Parties, Wedding Celebrations, Christmas parties, and New Year Celebrations as well as traveling long distances, etc.

Apart from the comfort of the cloth, this Louis Philippe T-shirt gives a good and casual look while wearing.

For a reasonable price we purchased through Flipkart, OSRVIEWSS recommends viewers try purchasing this Louis-Philippe T-shirt online at the best discount price.

People who are willing to purchase this T-shirt can click on the link given in the above video description. So, it is advisable to watch the above video completely for a better understanding of this review.

At the same time, OSRVIEWSS cautions people to be aware of the duplicate Louis Philippe brands that have come into the market to attract customers and sell products at a cheaper price.

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