Meghana Biryani Review- Scrutinizing the Flavors and Ingredients of Three Different Biryani Choices

Unleashing the flavours of 3 unique varieties!!!

A Journey Through Meghana Biryani’s different comparison!!!

Meghana Biryani Review: Here is an intriguing comparison of three distinct biryani variants from Meghana Biryani- one of the most prominent non-veg parcel sections located at Vengal Rao Nagar, Hyderabad.

The diversity of Biryani parcels that we have brought comprises three unique variations namely Chicken Fry Piece Biryani, Chicken Boneless Biryani, and Mutton Fry Piece Biryani.

Alongside the three different biryani variants, we have also procured two distinguishable curry fries- Chicken Fry and Chicken Curry Leaves Fry (also known as Chicken Kariapati Fry) to enhance our tasting experience with a varied combination of flavours.

Meghana Biryani Review

The Meghana parcel section has gained a reputation for preparing various combinations of non-vegetarian biryanis and curries. Based on our viewers’ requests and feedback, we decided to explore a distinctive combination of biryani and curries from this renowned parcel section.

A Video Review of an In-Depth comparison of Meghana Biryanis and Curry fries:

To experience the tasting session of Meghana Biryani and Chicken curry fries, OSRVIEWSS highly recommends watching the below video completely.

Additionally, we have included the location link in the video description so that it would be helpful for people interested in visiting the parcel section and ordering biryani and other curry varieties of their choice.

We encourage our viewers to share their thoughts and opinions based on their experience with different combinations of foods endeavoured.

Meghana Biryani Review

A Detailed and Methodical Review of Meghana Biryani: The Good, the Bad, and the Delicious – A Comprehensive Review

1. Chicken Boneless Biryani:

Meghana Biryani Review: Chicken Boneless Biryani

Chicken Pieces Quality:

Some of the boneless chicken pieces were delicate and easy to chew, while others were exceptionally hard and required significant effort to consume.


The excessively spicy taste resembled more Chinese fast food rather than the authentic flavour of traditional Hyderabadi Biryani. Additionally, the rice quality was mediocre and cannot meet the expectation of many foodies, making it challenging to consume and chances to cause numerous digestion crises.

2. Chicken Fry Piece Biryani:

Meghana Biryani Review: Chicken Fry Piece Biryani

Chicken Pieces Quality:

The chicken pieces were extremely troublesome to chew compared to the boneless chicken pieces. Consuming these types of tough chicken pieces could potentially result in dental and digestive complications, particularly for small children as they are prone to the sensitivity of body functioning.


In discrepancy to the boneless chicken biryani, we cared to mitigate the overblown spiciness to some extent by integrating a portion of plain rice provided along with the majority of masala rice provided. However, it is advisable for individuals who are prone to digestive complications to abstain from consuming either variant of the chicken biryani, whether it is chicken fry pieces or boneless ones.

3. Mutton Fry Piece Biryani:

Meghana Biryani Review: Mutton Fry Piece Biryani Review

Mutton Pieces Quality:

After the consumption of excessively formidable pieces of chicken fry piece and chicken boneless biryani, we were left uncertain about the quality and softness of mutton pieces – whether they would be soft or hard to consume.

To our pleasant astonishment, we sensed that the mutton pieces were soft and the overall quality of the mutton pieces was able to satisfy according to our expectations.


Despite the mutton pieces being delicate and satisfying our expectations in terms of the spices and overall quality, we found that the flavour and rice quality of the mutton biryani did not meet the required standards. Rather the taste was average, which entirely contrasted with the quality and flavour of the mutton pieces.

4. Pepper Chicken:

Pepper chicken

Chicken Pieces Quality:

The consistency of the chicken pieces was noticeably hard, resembling that of pieces in chicken fry piece biryani.

Despite their tempting appearance, upon consumption, a feeling of discomfort was undergone due to the unhealthy preparation.


Despite being named “pepper chicken”, the chicken pieces were excessively tough to chew, leading to a noticeable dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the taste did not align with the anticipated flavor of the dish.

5. Chicken Curry Leaves Fry:

Chicken curry leaves

Chicken Pieces Quality:

In comparison to the pepper chicken, the chicken pieces in this dish are exceptionally tough, making it problematic to break them down even with the help of our hands. This lack of softness raises concerns regarding the ability of our teeth to adequately chew and grind the chicken pieces before it enters our digestive system, potentially leading to unwanted health issues.


The chicken pieces lacked flavour and had an inappropriate combination of spices, which made them complicated to chew and consume. Furthermore, the masala was not mixed in an appropriate ratio leading to an unpleasant taste.

Essential Suggestion for Viewers from OSRVIEWSS: A Must-Follow Guide for Maximum Benefits

OSRVIEWSS strongly cautions people against consuming low-quality food from Meghana Biryani Parcel Service. It is specifically advised that small children and senior citizens should avoid consuming such foods due to their excessive spiciness and the potential for meat pieces to cause digestive problems.

Upon observation, the overall factor noted with the ordered dish mentioned above is that the biryani tasted more identical to that of Chinese fast food rather than traditional Hyderabadi biryani. Additionally, the chicken pieces in the dish were excessively hard.

After observing numerous requests from our viewers and positive reviews online, we ordered different varieties of foods from Meghana Biryani which ultimately turned out to be a complete disappointment.

While it is important to savour the delectable flavour of food, it is equally essential to prioritize our health.

The main intention of OSRVIEWSS is to bring the best output and needs to every review. 

Hopefully, you watched the video and discovered many valuable insights after reading the above review in detail. OSRVIEWSS will be sharing more and more useful and helpful reviews of the new varieties of food reviews from different restaurants we come across in our daily lives.

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