MUFTI Men’s Shirt: Comfort in Best Affordable Price!

Mufti is one of the popular Indian fashion brands which is well known for unique and contemporary clothing designs. It also offers a wide range of men’s and women’s Clothing, Footwear and Accessories. This brand in Mumbai, was established in 1998 which gradually attained a successful & massive growth that now Mufti products are widely available in more than 250 exclusive stores and 1,200 multi-brand outlets across India.


Despite gaining the Brand recognition, overwhelming Popularity & having large number of stores across the country, Mufti has brilliantly estimated that not everyone would afford their time out of busy schedules & visit the stores.So, to ensure that customers get the Mufti Products delivered conveniently to their doorstep, the company has made their presence in almost all leading online shopping platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and TataCliq.


In-Store Shopping:

If one could invest time out of their schedule to visit the store, then definitely in-store shopping is the best as he/she is aware of the quality, size, and especially the assurance of no damages in the product before making the purchase.

However, there are a few other inconveniences & drawbacks like spending time & money to travel to the store, and also not getting much discounts in store compared to online coupons/offers. But still satisfaction is guaranteed before you make the purchase.

Online Shopping:

Online Shopping is a very convenient, comfortable, & cost-saving way to shop compared to in-store visit, at the same time satisfaction always remains a question mark “?”.

It is just because of the time gap between the product you view & place order and the time it gets delivered to you. In between this time gap, there are various steps involved that decide the product satisfaction to the customer such as Product dispatchment from Seller, Product Packing in Warehouse, Product pick-up from the hub and Delivery to the customer.

If a mistake happens in any one of the above-mentioned steps, then it results in receiving either a wrong product which was not ordered (or) receiving the right product but in damaged condition.

OSRVIEWSS Experience & Review:

Earlier we had ordered Mufti men’s casual Shirt from Myntra, which is a popular online store well known for its clothing & fashion products.

Mufti Men's Casual Wear Shirt Review from Myntra
Best Casual wear shirts for men: Mufti men’s casual wear shirts
Mufti Men's Casual Wear Shirt Review
Mufti Men’s Casual Wear Shirt Review

Mufti men’s casual shirt – Detailed Video

Before proceeding into this review, it is recommended to watch the full video below to gain a better and more detailed understanding of the Mufti Men’s Casual Wear Shirt that was ordered online.

Mufti men’s casual wear shirt REVIEW:

1. Packing:

One fact that cannot be denied about Myntra is their best methods of Product Packing, as you can see in the above video, that the outer material of the cover was thick, strong and water resistant that keeps the product protected from getting damaged. The cover used inside for packing the shirt was also of a good quality.

2. Cost:

This shirt had an MRP Tag of Rs.2,149, whereas we purchased it for Rs.1,067 after discount on Myntra. OfCourse it is a good discount but what matters is whether the shirt is worthy for Rs.1,067?

3. Quality:

It might sound like an overwhelming compliment but truly Mufti had strived its best to achieve Quality in the clothing industry and what surprises the most is, they still maintain the Quality irrespective of the price. 

Unlike few other brands that maintain good quality fabric in premium range and poor-quality fabric in low priced range to create a huge impact amongst the customers that they start believing firmly that “Quality comes only in Costly Products!”

Mufti has been a Game-Changer because it doesn’t follow that strategy & maintains good quality fabric in all price ranges. whether it is a “starting range”, “mid-range” or “premium range”, the difference between these three ranges is just the same as “Good”, “Very Good” & “Best”.

In Quality aspects, Mufti has won the trust of customers & definitely that trust has been the fuel to Mufti’s journey throughout these years in the clothing industry.

Not compromising on Quality has made this small-scale business in mumbai to a Pan-India Brand named Mufti, now successfully hosting thousands of stores worldwide.

4. Colour:

Despite quality, comfort and soft fabric, one of the biggest disappointments was colour of the shirt that we received. As you can see in the below image, the colour shown online had darker contrast and the textures looked much more attractive.

Whereas the shirt we received had faded colour and by the initial impressions anyone would get a doubt whether “is it a duplicate product?”.

Mufti Men's Casual Wear Shirt Review: Color Varies from the actual color displayed online
Mufti Men’s Casual Wear Shirt Review: Color Varies from the actual color displayed online

We still wonder from where did this colour combination come? A Green & Brown mixed faded texture? Because this particular shirt that we ordered, didn’t have any sort of multiple colour options to choose & dark brown was the only colour available.

We do not know where it has gone wrong but apart from the colour fault, the quality of fabric was very soft and comfortable. Especially Myntra deserves an appreciation for the Quality packing and Prompt delivery before the estimated date.

5. Thickness:

A pure 100% cotton shirt appears to be very thick but actually it isn’t! Especially Mufti maintains a very decent quality of fabric that becomes much softer and more comfortable after every wash.

This is a slim fit shirt so even the cuffs are designed in such a way that it is closely fit to give a chiselled and slim look. That is OfCourse what most of them look for! But at the same time people whose concern is not about slim fit or regular fit and those who purchase only based on the colour, design and quality, will have to be aware of this point that the cuffs are not much wider like a regular fit shirt and could have a tight feel if the wrist is broad.

6. Size:

The size we ordered was “48” and though it is a slim fit the body width is not tight like the cuffs and it has a relaxed fit. The only point one has to ensure before placing order is to check the size chart for the shoulder, chest and length measurements.

NOTE: If the person wishes to wear a comfortable fit then it is advisable to choose the next bigger size than usual. For example: If your usual size is XL and if you want to have a relaxed fit then order XXL.

OSRVIEWSS To Viewers: Overall Opinion about Mufti Men’s Casual Wear Shirt

Despite the received shirt having faulty colour, keeping in mind about the other aspects such as quality, comfort and soft fabric we would conclude that this particular Mufti men’s casual shirt is definitely worth the cost of Rs.1,067.

It is obvious that colour matters and unexpectedly if the ordered shirt comes with a faded and different colour then for sure it is a big disappointment. However, people who prioritize colour over fabric quality might place a return order but those who prioritize the Comfort and Fabric material would move on & decide to keep it. It differs completely from person to person.

Hereby, we recommend this Mufti brand shirt to anyone who prioritize comfort and quality. It is an excellent choice for stylish casual wear.

NOTE: In this Review, We, OSRVIEWSS refer to the original “Mufti Brand” Product only that was purchased from authorized seller through Myntra. Similarly, this review is applicable only to those who purchase Original Mufti products from Authorized seller. We caution people to be aware of the duplicate Mufti brands that have come into the market to attract customers as they sell products at a cheaper price with the low-quality fabric being used. Kindly ensure to buy from the trusted seller with Good Rating. Nowadays most of the brands have registered themselves as the seller having their own brand store in Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra or Tatacliq, etc. so that customers find original product easily. So, kindly make sure you buy from the authorized seller.

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