Mutton Biryani from My Friends Circle Restaurant- Our Health is More Important than Biryani!


Biryani is a must!!!

More than it, our Health is Must!!!

In Hyderabad, as soon as they have breakfast within no time they have biryani and after that Chai.

There are a bunch of people who want to have Biryani and after that chai. Opening Biryani for Breakfast is Hyderabadi Culture or the Nawab Culture.

Biryani is easily digestible as well as gives a filled feel. But, this was once upon a time.

Those were the golden times when you can step anywhere and have your favorite biryani. Many people were fond of having Biryani with a fully satisfying feel.

MUTTON BIRYANI from My Friends Circle Restaurant

Nowadays, in the name of Biryani, they are serving tomato rice. We are damn sure that the oil they are using for Biryani is the worst quality oil.

But these days, you have to be very careful while selecting food in Hyderabad. The population is increased in a tremendous way. same way hotels are also open everywhere displaying “dum ka biryani” and attracting customers.

For namesake, the food served is named Hyderabadi Special Dum Ka Biryani. But taste wise tomato rice which was served in name of Biryani and meat don’t want to say anything. A lot of people are facing food poisoning issues.

We are not against hotels! There are a few good hotels that you have to select. If you trust that hotel you can go and have it.

Mutton Biryani From My Friends Circle Restaurant: Is this Restaurant still the Best or the worst?

Many People in Hyderabad are fond of Mutton Biryani and Hyderabad is especially known for the different preparation styles of Mutton Biryani.

There are many famous restaurants in Hyderabad that prepare excellent Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani and My Friends Circle Restaurant is one among them.

My Friends Circle Restaurant is located in Suchitra X Roads, Hyderabad, and the location is provided in the below video so that it would be helpful for our viewers.

Here we are going to discuss in detail My Friends Circle restaurant. We were regular customers of this restaurant for more than 10 years.

Previously, there was a time when we used to pause our work and go and have food there along with our family and friends.

-Mutton Biryani from My Friends Circle Restaurant
-Mutton Biryani Parcel from My Friends Circle Restaurant

Even at that time, YouTube was not much familiar to check reviews as in the present world. Based on the trust, we used to go and have food there.

More often, My Friends Circle Restaurant has been receiving good responses for their Biryani Quality and preparation. Especially Mutton Biryani from this restaurant has very high demand and based on the responses we received we decided to bring a Parcel from this restaurant.

But, in recent times the same restaurant has turned out to be in the worst and most disappointing way for the customers.

-Worst Quality Biryani from My Friends Circle Restaurant
-Worst Quality Biryani from My Friends Circle Restaurant
Worst Quality Mutton Pieces
-Worst Quality Mutton Pieces from My Friends Circle Restaurant

For the cost of Rs 270, the mutton biryani quantity and quality are not at all worth it.

It is even more shocking that, in spite of providing the worst quality food, we can still find people crowded over there to have food.

Don’t Know How???

Don’t know Why???

Questions To Be Asked Before Purchasing Biryani From Any Restaurant?

Here are the following questions to be asked before ordering food from this restaurant as well as from other hotels as well:

1. Are we getting the best quality food like we used to have before at the same place?

2. Is the meat properly boiled and cooked?

3. Are we having the best quality food which is worth our money and satisfies our taste by not affecting our health?

The answers to the above questions as well as many other questions are explained in this video below.

MUTTON BIRYANI PARCEL from My Friends Circle Restaurant REVIEW- A Detailed Video

This video is a detailed review of the Mutton Biryani parcel from My Friends Circle Restaurant. Kindly watch this video before visiting this restaurant and ordering Mutton Biryani.

This video will be helpful for your family and friends so it is advisable to watch this video till the end. We can assure you that this video will be very much informative.

My Friends Circle Restaurant’s Poor Management

The meat pieces were not at all boiled and cooked properly. If we ask for the replacement of mutton pieces, the waiters’ behavior is very much weird showing strange expressions.

Especially, one of the waiters named “Reddy” behaves as if he is the owner of this restaurant and behaves in an arrogant manner. His behavior is so bad that he feels like the owner of the biryani association in the entire state . After asking for the replacement of meat pieces, he is saying customers to sit at another table where he does not supply food.

When asked for the bill, the waiters explain that they don’t provide bills in Non-AC sections and stated in a very rude manner that if customers are concerned about bills they should not visit the Non-AC section of this restaurant to have food.

Already customers are disappointed with the quality of food. In addition, workers’ behavior makes them feel more annoyed and makes them feel not visit this restaurant again.

Are we spending money to face these kinds of insults and disappointments from the management of the restaurant hoping to have tasty and healthy food?

Management has to take care of all these drawbacks and make customers feel comfortable while having food in their restaurant.

OSRVIEWSS To Viewers: An Important Suggestion To All Food Lovers

OSRVIEWSS had a very worst experience with My Friends Circle Restaurant with the quality and taste of the Biryani and Mutton Pieces served.

It is very disappointing that the same hotel which served the best quality food to its customers has turned out to prepare the worst quality Biryani.

This type of issue should be sorted out by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Telangana and take strict actions by implementing strong rules and regulations. By implementing, there will be changes in the quality of food provided to customers.

It is advisable not to trust and have hotel foods blindly as our health is a must. We have to be very careful as we are spending money to have delicious food.

At the same time, we should ensure to have healthy food from restaurants which should be worth the amount we spend.

It is a piece of advice from OSRVIEWSS to take an image of the poor quality meat pieces and rice served if customers face this issue and make a complaint to GHMC Telangana by sending the captured image along with the bill.

Whereas in My Friends Circle Restaurant, we do not get the bill at Parcel Section. This is because knowing their mistakes, the management is not ready to provide bills to customers.





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