Nandini Toned Milk Review: All you need to know about this toned milk!

Nandini Toned Milk Review: Nandini milk is manufactured by Karnataka Milk Federation and it is 100% Pure Cow Milk. The headquarters of this Indian Dairy company is located in Bangalore and was established in the year 1955.

Here is the Nandini Toned Milk Review we have made and shared with our viewers through the below video and have explained the different tastes while tasting Tea, Coffee, and Plain Milk.

Nandini Toned Milk Review by OSRVIEWSS
-Nandini Toned Milk Review by OSRVIEWSS

Nandini milk when tasted as Tea the taste how it will be we have explained in the video. Kindly watch the video it will be helpful for you.

Coffee(Traditional Filter Coffee ):
For the first time newly we have tried in our OSRVIEWSS channel making filter coffee with milk. Usually, we make tea but many of our viewers requested to make a review on how milk tastes with filter coffee. Hope you will like this coffee session made in this video.

If you like this video, based on your valuable response we will make different types of milk videos regularly based on coffee also .

Milk (Milk with healthy Jaggery):
It is must for children’s to have milk before sleep for their healthy growth.

These days most parents add sugar to milk so that children feel the sweetness while having it .

But what is the use of providing artificial sweetness to your children?

Our suggestion is to add jaggery in place of sugar which gives sweetness as well as boosts strength in children as Jaggery has many benefits as explained in the video.

Nandini Toned Milk Review: Full Video

Here is the detailed review of Nandini Toned Milk and it is recommended to watch this video so that it would be helpful to your family and friends:

Nandini Toned Milk Review Video


For a long time, We have been recommending to our viewers the proper way of cutting a milk packet, which is one of the basic and important steps before boiling and consuming milk.

Many people think that they have all been cutting and opening the Milk Packet in the right way and it is a simple way of doing it.

But are we opening the Milk Packets in the right way? This forms the basic and important question for all our viewers !!!

Here is the complete video about the right way of cutting milk packets. Watch this video completely and most of us will come to know the detailed difference between “Right” & “Wrong methods of cutting & opening a Milk Packet“.

-Correct Way to cut and open Milk Packets

Hereby it’s a kind request for all viewers to watch these two videos to get more details and hope you might have found these videos helpful after watching them.

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