PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service- Surrender to your Senses Before Purchasing!

PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service: Passion Indulge is one of the best herbal company products that we have been using for many years. Many beauty products from Passion Indulge are natural and chemical-free.

Having a reputation as the most trustable brand, OSRVIEWSS has been purchasing products from this company for many years.

Previously, we purchased 3 different products from Passion Indulge online and will be reviewing them in detail.

PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service

PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service: A Detailed Review

As a beginner YouTuber in the year 2020, this review was made and shared with our viewers through a video in detail. These days many people started using different types of cosmetics in huge quantities to maintain their beauty. At the same time, people must be cautious about their health by avoiding cosmetics that include harmful chemical elements.

For a long time, we have been in search of many brands that provide natural and chemical-free cosmetics. Out of which, Passion Indulge stands the best.

We have ordered three products from Passion Indulge such as:

1. Vetiver essential oil

PASSION INDULGE Vetiver essential oil

2. Rosemary essential oil

PASSION INDULGE Rosemary essential oil

3. Pearl Light facial oil

PASSION INDULGE Pearl Light Facial Oil

The price for the above listed 3 items is shown along with the invoice in the below video. As compared to other brand websites, the delivery charges were more in Passion Indulge as discussed in our video.

PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service: But is it worth paying that high amount for delivery?

The answer is an absolute NO. The product we ordered was delivered to the wrong address. The product was made to deliver through a courier office which was located around 20 to 25 km approximately from our residence.

One of the staff members in the courier office responded that our product was already dispatched.

The staff further added that it wouldn’t be possible to send the courier to the registered address because they have already informed Passion Indulge not to send any couriers. In spite of informing, Passion Indulge has still been dispatching the order through courier offices.

The response of the staff in the courier office was in a very rude manner stating that if the customers cannot come to the office and collect the parcel, the ordered product would be returned back to the Passion Indulge office.

What is the point of adding delivery charges if we do not receive the product at our registered address?

PASSION INDULGE Delivery Service: The locality around Courier Office?

The courier office is located in such a worst area that there wasn’t even a small space available to park our vehicles. We had to park it almost a far distance from the post office.

We had to travel around 50 km, just to collect the above-mentioned 3 products which we had ordered from Passion Indulge.

It is a shocking fact to know that a reputed company like Passion Indulge offers a poor delivery service to its customers with a high amount of delivery charges included.

Based on the trust we had in Passion Indulge for many years, we made an online payment. It would be difficult to imagine that if our products get returned back to the Passion Indulge from the courier office, the amount that would be refunded takes around 7 to 10 days of time approximately.

It would be such a waste of time for customers who make an online payment to purchase cosmetics from a trusted company.


Recently, the courier issues have been solved after posting the above video. Now, it is possible to get Passion Indulge products at your doorstep with a safe and well-packed delivery facility.

OSRVIEWSS made a detailed review and shared it with our viewers through the above video which was posted on YouTube in the year 2020.

At present (in the year 2022), we are reviewing in detail through this article to caution people in advance before purchasing from Passion Indulge.

YouTube’s major role in bringing justice to people

The strength of YouTube provides justice to many people in an effective way. These days, courier issues have been resolved with the help of YouTube by providing awareness to many people.

Through Google, OSRVIEWSS thank YouTube for the kind support they have provided to date and will be expecting to expand the support of our viewers in the coming days.

The main intention of OSRVIEWSS reviewing this article is because through Google we want to convey more people about this issue so that the management will take strict actions to avoid the occurrence of these errors in the future.

OSRVIEWSS to Viewers: An Important Suggestion!!!

The above review is to create awareness for customers who purchase products from Passion Indulge. There are few products that are not available in many shops and we had to order these cosmetics online.

This was one of the worst experiences we had ordering products online. For people who purchase these products from online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. the delivery procedure is different.

Whereas, people who purchase products from the official website of the company have to be cautious about the poor delivery services provided to customers. There are many instances, where the product was supplied to the wrong address in spite of providing the exact address to be delivered.

Hope you all watched the video and found many informational points after reading the above review in detail. OSRVIEWSS will be sharing more interesting reviews of the different products we purchase online in our daily lives in the upcoming days by providing a detailed explanation in  OSRVIEWSS ARTICLES

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