ROCKBROS Air Pump Review: Unboxing and its after usage

ROCKBROS Air Pump Review: Based on the reviews, we purchased this air pump from amazon 2 years back and have shared it with our viewers through a detailed video.

1. Packing:

We have received this package through this cover, which is not packed in a box. The seller has to be cautious while packing the product.

Rockbros Cycle Air Pump

There were more chances of this product getting damaged as the components such as handle, needle, and airflow pin are exposed to air easily.

2. Stand:

The air pump stand provided is very flexible provided and has a very good grip.

3. Size:

The size of this air pump is 1 foot approximately. Though very small, this pump is powerful.

Rockbros Cycle Air Pump
Rockbros Cycle Air Pump

4. Handle:

The handle provided is very much strong and needs to be fixed onto the top of the pump. This helps in the easy pumping of air.

This handle needs to be rotated left and right after fixing onto the pump so that it becomes firm and doesn’t come outside.

Rockbros Cycle Air Pump

Also, a place is provided on the handle to fix the tube so it is easily portable.

Rockbros Cycle Air Pump

5. Needle:

The needle is provided to ensure smooth airflow into the ball or a balloon. As shown in the below image, the tip of the needle looks very strong.

A cap is provided along with the needle so that the outer layer doesn’t get damaged.

Rockbros Cycle Air Pump

On the airflow area, there are two holes out of which the smaller hole is used for filling air into the accessories such as a ball or balloon whereas the larger hole is used for filling air into the vehicle(both two-wheelers and four-wheeler) tires along with a holder which is provided to lock the needle

Price of ROCKBROS 3-in-1 Air Pump:

The MRP of this ROCKBROS 3-in-1 Air Pump is Rs 699 and through Amazon, we purchased it at a discount price of Rs 427. The prices may vary compared to the time we purchased.

ROCKBROS Air Pump Review: A Detailed Video

It is advisable to watch this video after reading the above review for much clear understanding of this 3-in-1 air pump.

ROCKBROS Air Pump Review: After 10 months of Usage

Based on our viewer’s request we have made a detailed review of this ROCKBROS Air Pump Review after usage.

As shown in the below image, we have planned to fill air into the empty ball through this 3-in-1 air pump. Though this air pump is good the needle is not strong when inserted, especially while the air gets filled into the ball.

The only way the air gets filled completely into the thing is through the support of another person holding their hands along the sides of the ball.

This occurs when half of the air gets filled into the ball or other accessories.

But, after the air is filled, the ball is very strong and there is not even a single chance of the air getting escaped.

Even though the air gets filled properly, the time taken for filling the air was approximately 5 minutes which is longer compared to other air pumps.

It is a sincere request to watch the below video for an in-depth understanding of this detailed review after the usage of this 3-in-1 air pump.

ROCKBROS Air Pump Review: A Detailed Video Made After 10 months of Usage

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For people who use air pumps regularly and prefer the perfect air pump with strong needle support while filling the air into their things, OSRVIEWSS suggests selecting better brands rather than RockBros.

Whereas, people who use air pumps rarely and do not mind about the needle balance and who can provide additional support while filling, can prefer this air pump for the perfect air filling into their accessories at a reasonable price.

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