Shadab Hotel Review Mutton Family Pack Biryani: Is this Hyderabad’s One of The Best Old Traditional Biryani?

Shadab Hotel Review: Hyderabad is famous for 2 special items- Dum Biryani and Irani Chai.

People start having Biryani starting from 10:30 am as their breakfast and continue till midnight as dinner in some places.

This has become a tradition cum habit these days that non-spicy recipes of biryani are being prepared in different hotels. 

Shadab Hotel

Biryani has become a basic food for common people to balance their hunger and diet to cope up with their busy schedule for at least 3 to 4 hours until they plan for their next food.

Especially, in the old city which is the base and an important icon of Hyderabad, the biryani culture can be observed in huge numbers.

SHADAB HOTEL REVIEW: Why this Hotel is Famous?

In the old city of Hyderabad, there are many hotels that prepare traditional Hyderabadi Biryani in a variety of styles.

Among these hotels, Shadab hotel is one of the famous hotels where you can find Chicken and Mutton Dum Biryani. This Hotel is also famous for other varieties like Dum Ka Chicken, Pudina Paratha, Kebabs, Chicken Dragon, Chicken Drumsticks, khubani-ka-meetha, Faluda, etc.

Shadab Hotel Mutton Biryani
Shadab Hotel

Shadab Hotel is the central hub of Hyderabad city. It is located in near Charminar, which is one of the famous monuments of India and it is just opposite the Madina building.

This hotel was established in 1990 and especially Mutton Biryani from Shadab Hotel is considered the most famous and one of the most delicious foods in Hyderabad.

Shadab Hotel is mainly famous for its Haleem and Biryani. Many people prefer Shadab Hotel for its excellent Biryani Taste and Rice Quality.

Especially, if it is during the festival of Ramzan, we can find many people gathered around to taste its Haleem till midnight.

Previously, Shadab Hotel Mutton Biryani had its old traditional style of makings with its excellent rice and piece quality.

Once people visit Shadab Hotel, there will be a frequent number of increased regular customers as well as added new customers. 

Shadab Hotel is an important landmark of the old city as people find delicious food over there for many years.

People who travel to the old cities from far distances, without tasting Shadab Hotel’s Biryani feel it is an incomplete part of their journey and make them taste it at least once or more.

But, at present does Shadab Hotel maintains the same quality and scores the tag of Best Hotel in Hyderabadi people’s heart by maintaining the same standard? The answer to this question will be reviewed in detail.

Shadab Hotel Mutton Biryani Video

Shadab Hotel Mutton Family Pack Biryani: Detailed Review

Before reviewing the food of Shadab Hotel, we will be reviewing the surroundings of Shadab Hotel below:

1. The first thing to remember is that there isn’t enough parking space provided. People traveling with two-wheelers or four-wheeler vehicles have to park their vehicles at least 1 km away from this hotel.

2. The place inside becomes very congested for people to have food. Also, the management inside the hotel didn’t allow us to take videos and photos for reviewing inside the hotel.

3. The AC Section seems to be somehow better compared to the non-AC ones.

4. Since it is a traditional hotel, it might be acceptable for people many years ago to sit there and have food. But, in today’s modern world, garden restaurants with luxurious interiors make customers feel much more comfortable while having food.

5. These days many hotels are scoring good impressions from customers by setting up good interior designs and gaining popularity. But, this type of interior design in Shadab Hotel is not acceptable in today’s developed world.

6. There are some people who are concerned about the preparation of Hyderabadi traditional biryani and do not mind the interiors and comforts provided inside the hotel

 It is totally up to the viewers’ opinion to choose among the best interior hotels or the most delicious taste-providing hotels.

BIRYANI QUALITY FROM SHADAB HOTEL: Is it Worth the Money You Spend???

Based on our search from online reviews and local people around the old city, they suggested Shadab Hotel as one of the best hotels in Hyderabad for Dum Biryani.

So, we have made a detailed review and  decided to share the experiences we gathered with our viewers

We have brought a Mutton Family Pack Biryani biryani parcel and there are certain facts that we have observed such as:

1. Items received: We had brought a parcel of Mutton Family Pack Biryani, which was provided in two packets along with gravy and raitha.

Additionally, chicken 65 was provided in a packet which would probably be the quantity of half plate along with Rumali roti and Khubani-ka-Meetha

2. Price: The prices are too expensive compared to other hotels. 

3. Taste: Though some hotels maintain a very good taste in spite of their expensive price, thinking in a positive aspect and hoping to have delicious food we have decided to try Mutton Family Pack Biryani from this hotel which is discussed in detail in the above video.

In spite of being charged more, the food was absolutely tasteless. Being the central icon of Hyderabad and charging more amount, the meat had a foul smell and was not all of fresh quality.

Then what is the point of spending so much money when we are not getting proper happiness hoping to have traditional and delicious food?

SHADAB HOTEL Poor Quality of Mutton Pieces
SHADAB HOTEL REVIEW: Poor Quality of Mutton Pieces

As shown in the above image and detailed review of the above video, it is human nature as these common questions arise:

1. Why spend a huge amount on food? 

2. Why get disappointment? 

3. For what purpose do we have to travel long distances hoping to have delicious food?

4. What is the guarantee of having the best food after traveling long distances?

4. Quantity: The quantity of rice and mutton pieces provided for a mutton family pack biryani is very less compared to other best hotels in Hyderabad.

5. Food Packing and Quality: It is a caution to all our viewers that while bringing a parcel from this restaurant the packing is not at all good. You can find stapler pins while unpacking which is one of the most unsafe methods of packing food in a traditional hotel in Hyderabad.

Also, the Khubani-ka-meetha is watery as one of the most important ingredients is missed which is discussed in detail in the above video.

Shadab Hotel Review: Improper packing of Rumali Roti with pin
Shadab Hotel Review: Improper packing of Rumali Roti with pin
Shadab Hotel Parcel : One of the most unsafe methods of food packing
Shadab Hotel Parcel: One of the most unsafe methods of food packing

After seeing the above image, it is clear that the management is so irresponsible in such a way they are not concerned about customers’ health and safety. What happens if small children open this kind of packet in excitement without noticing the pin and start having food?

Even in roadside hotels, these days they are providing food parcels with proper packing.

OSRVIEWSS Supports good quality.

Where there is the best quality, there are OSRVIEWSS suggestions!!!

Mutton Biryani
-Shadab Hotel Mutton Biryani

OSRVIEWSS to Viewers: An Important Suggestion!!!

The biryani taste and quality compared to before have changed a lot in recent times. Before going to Shadab Hotel and ordering biryani it is advisable to watch the above video, so that you may have complete clarity about this Hotel.

Even if it is a multi-cuisine restaurant or a normal hotel, OSRVIEWSS’s motive is to recommend and promote good quality foods from the best hotels to our viewers, so that it would be worth the money spent and the health.

We are spending huge money on Hotel food, but at the same time, it is important to ensure that along with tongue taste the food which we eat should get properly digested and it should be worth the money we spend!!!

Also, it is recommended to SHARE the above video with your family members, friends, and well-wishers to ensure their health and safety before having food from Shadab Hotel.

Hope you all watched the video and found many informational points after reading the above review in detail. OSRVIEWSS will be sharing more interesting reviews of the best hotels we come across in our daily lives in the upcoming days by providing a detailed explanation in  OSRVIEWSS ARTICLES

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