SWISS ARABIAN Attar Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus – One of the Best Pure and Natural Attar!

Swiss Arabian Attar: Previously, attar perfume was meant for only a certain group of people and was not easily available in every place.

But, in recent times many people started using attars with the increasing number of online sites.

Many hidden brands have started to come outside to showcase their hidden gems and gained popularity in recent times.

Swiss Arabian is one of the top brands in attar. We are going to review Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus/ Jannat Ul Firdaus in detail.

Swiss Arabian perfumes have a high demand because their unique fragrance includes a variety of natural ingredients.

Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus/ Jannat Ul Firdaus is a very good brand of UAE ( United Arab Emirates) . This is one of the best Swiss Arabian Attar.

Jannat Ul Firdaus SWISS ARABIAN Attar
Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus

Especially, these types of attar are famous in  UAE and Saudi Arabia that are excellent in maintaining the fragrances. Swiss Arabian attar price in India varies compared to other countries and according to its variants. Whereas, Swiss Arabian attar price in Dubai is around 230 AED and varies according to the Swiss Arabian perfumes group.

Purpose of Purchasing SWISS ARABIAN Attar Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus by OSRVIEWSS

We purchased this product for our uncle who is very much particular about this brand and prefers to use a good attar perfume with an excellent fragrance provided.

This attar can be used during the daytime outdoors while traveling long distances or for indoor purposes such as while sleeping during the night.

The fragrance of SWISS ARABIAN Attar Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus is so pleasant and calming that people fall in love with this brand.


OSRVIEWSS Experience Purchasing Online:

Previously, we had purchased this SWISS ARABIAN Attar Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus from Flipkart and it is up to the viewers’ opinion that they can purchase from other online shopping websites.

Even though Flipkart is good there are certain issues. As the first order was fine, there were certain drawbacks in this 2nd order such as :

1. The roller was not provided which is the first and major drawback.

2. Without a roller, it is not possible to apply it on clothes and it is not usable.

Apart from this, there is nothing disadvantage to this brand and the quality of the fragrance is excellent. This is one of the best attars for men in recent times.

Cautions to be followed while using Attar Perfume

As many people think attar is one type of perfume that can be easily used and many people tend to use attar perfume in a careless way. Here are some of the important cautions to be followed while using attar:

1. There are few people who use attar directly on their skin.

Attar applying cautions
The Incorrect way of applying attar
Do's and Dont's while applying attar
The correct way of applying attar

2. Olden days, there was a tradition of applying attars on the body. But those olden days were the golden days when our elders used chemical-free products which were available easily in form of pure herbal oil.

3. Many years back, people used products made of pure herbal.  But in the present world, with the increase in science and technology, it has become to obtain a natural product. As a result, people started to prefer products that contain harmful chemical ingredients without checking the reviews of the products and ingredients added which is not advisable.

4. It is cautioned not to apply those kinds of attar on your skin or touch with bare hands directly as these chemicals included can affect your skin severely. 6. Almost, 90% of the attar products are mixed with chemicals which makes it difficult for people to choose the best natural attar in the market.

5. It is advisable to wash your hands properly after using the attar. There are some cases where people consume food without even washing their hands properly after using the attar, which can severely affect their health.

Washing hands with liquid soap after applying attar
Washing hands with liquid soap after applying attar
Washing hands after applying attar
Washing hands after applying attar

6. We are using attar fragrances for our happiness and at the same time, they should be used in a cautious way as many people handle the attar in the wrong way. 

OSRVIEWSS to Viewers: An Important Suggestion!!!

There are a few attars that are chemical free and filled with herbal content and few people can afford them for a certain price range.

OSRVIEWSS suggests people try this attar SWISS ARABIAN Attar Givaudan Jannet El Firdaus/ Jannat Ul Firdaus at least once and can purchase from any trustable online shopping websites.

We suggest our viewers purchase Swiss Arabian Original Attar from authorized websites and we caution people to be aware of duplicate Swiss Arabian attar perfumes that are being sold in the market to attract customers’ attention and grab money.

Even though Flipkart is good . But certain issues such as rollers not being provided to customers which is the basic and important aspects to be taken care of.

Sellers dealing their products to Flipkart should take care of these drawbacks, which increases people’s trust to purchase many different products from online shopping sites.

OSRVIEWSS Supports the best quality brands of many different products!!!

Where there is the best quality, there are OSRVIEWSS suggestions!!!

Maintain attar in a safe and cautious manner!!!

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