Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p Detailed Review after Using

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera: Here is a detailed review of the Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera. Previously we have made a detailed review of the Xiaomi MI 1080P Home Security Camera unboxing and its initial setup which our viewers found very much helpful.

So, we have decided to share our opinion through a detailed video after using it. Based on our personal experience, we have shared all the important points in the below video which our viewers will find very much helpful.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera
Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Also, we have displayed the recorded footage during day and night time as well as the videos captured during heavy rain showers and thunders as shown in the video below.

The shadows it captures during day and night are very clear and the videos are recorded without any disturbance with a clear view during heavy rains.

Also, we have recommended the best type of SD Card to be used in this camera and the correct method to insert the SD Card into the camera to store the recorded footage.

We have explained the important settings to be kept in MI Camera App for our viewers during the beginning stage and after our long search, the knowledge that we gained, has tried to share with our viewers as well.

Hope you will find this video very much helpful and share your valuable comments in the comments section of this video.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p Video:

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